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Unwritten rules. You must follow them.
18 replies
Zappo (Jun 20, 2003)
What about the rules on Cheating........Ive seen some questionable asciiart im not pointing any fing...
"Error sending image."
18 replies
coffeejelly (May 29, 2003)
marcello is so cool :'D if you live nearby i will make you my slave and do all the java work for me...
2draw v2: contribute
14 replies
marcello (May 21, 2003)
not too late, the more the merrier
Huh, what happened to the boards?
8 replies
Mnemosyne (Apr 27, 2003)
I'm not sure I like it, the boards seem too fill up much faster (well the practice board, at least) ...
Lascaux Sketch v0.62 beta out
4 replies
darkk_angel (Apr 18, 2003)
go beta stuff woo hoo i really am posting too much... how the hell am i thirteenth on the rankings l...
12 replies
darkk_angel (Apr 18, 2003)
hehe canadian sucks right now, dont it?
Back to normal!
12 replies
Azelrellon (Apr 6, 2003)
2Draw is the only board that appreciates my art. OekakiCentral says my art isn't even 2-Star. Baka...
2draw chat system
18 replies
rosalyn (Apr 1, 2003)
It's Cool I guess. Talking to other people isn't that bad. It's acually kind of fun! I give 2 Thumbs...
Notice: Missing/Broken Files
3 replies
Belleza (Mar 27, 2003)
who do we send it to? i post this () at the beginners board...
2draw v2.0
11 replies
marcello (Mar 23, 2003)
The plan is to have the major changes (rewritten core system) all at once, then some of the less cri...
2draw reaches 400k hits!
2 replies
Kazukie (Mar 9, 2003)
=] Yay go 2draw!
Contest Winners!
5 replies
Minitsaru (Feb 18, 2003)
love the maskots =P i had a feeling chinky's "little people" would make it =P congrats to all who ma...
Lascaux Sketch Public Beta!
0 replies
marcello (Jan 29, 2003)
2draw Version 2.0 Development starts!
18 replies
furyofroy (Jan 26, 2003)
i'm, like, all goosepimply!! gbleggrrrbbrbrb
Offsite Linking
0 replies
marcello (Jan 25, 2003)
More caching problems...
4 replies
marcello (Jan 19, 2003)
loading/cache problems
1 reply
cherikit-chan (Dec 27, 2002)
okay... but there also have been times when I wasn't able to save my pic because of some problems or...
Think before you clink!
2 replies
marcello (Dec 18, 2002)
I'm not joking, most of yours have been deleted for this reason.
Unclaimed drawings!
0 replies
marcello (Nov 3, 2002)
Site problems & Vote!
5 replies
mia (Oct 13, 2002)
I cant see my comments and drawings... o__O
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