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marcello (edited Apr 27, 2003)
So apparently many of you have been getting the following error in OekakiBBS: Error sending image. If the problem persists, contact an administrator.

Guess what. Don't contact an administrator. OekakiBBS is a buggy piece of software, which is only supported on 2draw because some people actually like it and can stand all the bugs and problems.
Let me put it in perspective, OekakiBBS will assume the image sent perfectly no matter what. The only way to pop up an error when there actually is a problem is through a nasty hack. Likewise there is no way to actually report the error itself to the user.

My solution? Don't use OekakiBBS. Lascaux sketch is a much better alternative, and will be 2draw v2's primary drawing applet. If you don't like lascaux, please let me know how I could improve it (anything besides smudge tool, that is).

Ok, my rant is done.
Turtlebuster (edited Apr 28, 2003)
no smudge tool? did i miss something? y no smudge? o well. the ONLY thing i don't like about lascaux is the lack of a smudge tool. :(
UppityCracker (edited Apr 28, 2003)
Poor oekakiBBS, nobody loves you except for me.. I'll save you from "the man". He can't hold you down forever!
Damn democrats. =P
Minitsaru (edited Apr 28, 2003)
democrats? what they gotta do with anything? oooooh ur talking bout Marcello......

i dont mind no smudge tool all it means is it will take a bit longer to "creat" an equal outcome from using gradiant shading =)

sheesh smudge isn't everything u kno! oh ya ul also need blur to help out with doing a homemade dradiant shade =) lol
Turtlebuster (edited Apr 28, 2003)
smudge isn't everything for you ambitious, over-acheivers! losers like me an uppity need some assurance. right, uppity? uhh. uppity? GET BACK HERE ;)
quintessence (edited Apr 29, 2003)
I like OekakiBBS. Yeah, I'm masochistic.
Nanibunny (edited Apr 29, 2003)
i like oekakibbs too ^.^ .. . .but not right now. . its being mean >.< .. not letting me edit stuff. . .grrrrr
Turtlebuster (edited May 4, 2003)
that's right Nanibunny. growl. you SHOW that oekaki who's boss!
Einz (edited May 5, 2003)
a color picker would be cool
marcello (edited May 5, 2003)
Einz: right click, just like in paintbbs and oekakibbs, it even says on the help bar like constantly when you have the mouse over the canvas (in lascaux)
Ari (edited May 10, 2003)
Umm, I'm getting the "error sending image" message in Lascaux now, I lost two pics today.
Nanibunny (edited May 10, 2003)
Yeah, I lost 2 pics in Lascaux too!!! grrrr >.< . . . stupid "error sending image" message . ..
marcello (edited May 11, 2003)
I'm assuming you're taking screenshots so I can restore the pictures to the site?
If it says error sending image, please tell me what the exact error below that is.
Nanibunny (edited May 11, 2003)
it says "Server Error: Could not create image file."
. . sorry for asking but.. .how exactly do you take a screenshot?
marcello (edited May 11, 2003)
Try it now, there was a bug when I updated stuff in lascaux get..
Nanibunny (edited May 15, 2003)
Yay all better now ^.^

-thats it . .i got another error in oekakibbs >.< .. . not using it anymore. . psh. .. lascaux is nicer ..
quintessence (edited May 22, 2003)
Maybe he makes it buggy on purpose so more people'll switch over to Lascaux.

Kidding. -_-
marcello (edited May 26, 2003)
I would, and you know it!
coffeejelly (edited May 29, 2003)
marcello is so cool :'D
if you live nearby i will make you my slave and do all the java work for me >:D
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