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marcello (edited Apr 11, 2003)
Just an update on 2draw v2:
The new spec. is coming along nicely, and actual coding of the new site will begin soon. The current plan is to rebuild the site from the ground up, so look forward to a cleaner, easier to use, and faster to develop site.

But to the important part: You can help! Ya, that's right, I'm looking for people interested in writing articles for 2draw.
Topics include:
Documentation on the applets (lascaux sketch in particular)
Documentation on site usage (let me know first, if you want to do this one)
FAQ on 2draw and applets
Introductory/Intermediate tutorials for each applet use and tool overview
Specific tutorials on techniques with each applet
Tips and Tricks on the applets (feel free to scour/search the comments for some of these)
Tutorials on how to draw (completely open from basic, to specific styles and anatomy)
Tutorials on techniques (such as coloring, lighting, shading)

This is basically open to anyone interested (your own work of course). My only requirement is that you can write properly. The internet is riddled with awful writing, and there is no reason to reinforce this.

If you can't articulate yourself, but have something to give, you can always find someone who can write and do a collaborative article.

I will review articles and perhaps do some (extremely) minor editing, but for the most part, your articles should be of quality. I highly recommend including images (perhaps low/high res versions for popups), and the preferred format for articles is HTML with minimal markup (no style sheets, no special font tags).

Feel free to post any questions you may have.
WerefoxLeBlanc (edited Apr 11, 2003)
I'd like to volunteer myself as an editor if anyone needs it. If a document needs overhaulling, I can do it.

*Ponders what he could write on his own.*
Azelrellon (edited Apr 11, 2003)
I think I MAY try one of those... Or all of them in one... ^__^
But I need to wait until Easter Break, next thursday. Okay Marcello?
furyofroy (edited Apr 12, 2003)
It seems everyone says oekaki is too complicated. I know enough about it to get by, but I don't have a Phd on the subject. I suggest asking Snoozy27 to make a tutorial on oekakibbs, since her pictures are so spiffy.
Azelrellon (edited Apr 12, 2003)
I agree, Snoozy27's pics are more-than-stellar, that's for sure. ^_^
kimmy_mae (edited Apr 14, 2003)
Oh cool! I would help out but I'm still getting a customed to using the boards. *holds up three fingers* three pics! booya!

When do you supposed you'll have the tutorials up by? I'm having trouble with shading and I find it really hard.
marcello (edited Apr 14, 2003)
They probably won't be up before 2draw v2, so still a ways to go.
coffeejelly (edited Apr 14, 2003)
hey, is it possible to implement a search function that allows us to search for users? it would be cool if we can view any user's board by entering his/her username in the search box :'D
i *may* try making a tutorial... it will be fun exposing my drawing habits XO
marcello (edited Apr 15, 2003)
crisann: the search tool already will find users, if you know the full username you can also do:!marcello to load up the profile of a particular user.
ky (edited Apr 15, 2003)
Umm... I'd love to write something. I did this kind of stuff for fun. But I have nothing to give. My techniques are as plain as anyone can make out and there are no tricks to mine. I do know lots of tricks, though... But if one of the people who couldn't type to save them has something, I'd love to take it up, I would.

And not to mention each of the categories look like so much fun to write. I particularly fancy the assignment of the tutorials and documentations. Oooh, what fun. I can't wait.
marcello (edited Apr 15, 2003)
You could still write a tutorial on the various tools, or an introduction to paintbbs. In fact I'd rather have some basics before advanced tutorials.
ky (edited Apr 15, 2003)
Rock. So when can I start?
method3 (edited Apr 18, 2003)
hey marcello, you going to do up a documentation/spec thing formally for lascaux sketch? i can help you out with that if you want.
Hakkai (edited May 19, 2003)
Oooo! It might be too late to ask.. but can I possible help make a tutorial for drawing? Not like coloring or anything of the sort.. But mostly Line art? I know of a few different ways to make clean line art for Paint BBS, but not of Oekaki or the Lascaux. n_n;
marcello (edited May 21, 2003)
not too late, the more the merrier
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