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Server Update and Web Hosting online!
2 replies
marcello (Dec 1, 2003)
any free php/mysql database setup would work. I haven't messed with the install on any of them, but...
Poll: Web Site Hosting
18 replies
marcello (Nov 21, 2003)
1) ya, you would have to build it yourself, unless you can find some free template-based site builde...
Welcome to the New Server!
20 replies
marcello (Nov 19, 2003)
That's not that cheap... I know I can't afford it right now. But as I said, anyone willing to donat...
The inevitable...
36 replies
ky (Nov 10, 2003)
I hope I never manage to do such a thing. Though I wish I could get rid of some of the images I've n...
Stop the Spam
37 replies
marcello (Nov 8, 2003)
talk about cliche. why can't people be original?
Scheduled Downtime
0 replies
marcello (Oct 26, 2003)
Congrats to the new Mods
12 replies
marcello (Oct 22, 2003)
"sense" lol
19 replies
Fin_beast (Oct 21, 2003)
I can speak spanish?
New Feature: User Galleries
5 replies
Fin_beast (Sep 28, 2003)
I can't see how i progressed! I seem to just want to draw something really really shit and stupid ev...
Need Testers: New version of JTablet v0.9.1
0 replies
marcello (Sep 7, 2003)
New Boards
3 replies
method3 (Aug 29, 2003)
l33t b4s74rdz rul3
Rules, rules, rules.
0 replies
marcello (Aug 24, 2003) v2.0 docs
10 replies
taori (Aug 17, 2003)
Sounds neato...I'd like to check it out, I don't know if I'm good enough, but I can write decent art...
Contest VOTE!, new version of Lascaux Sketch
34 replies
Nanibunny (Jul 8, 2003)
oooh yayness congrads furyofroy!!! :D
Lascaux Sketch v0.64 out!
15 replies
xvolcomx (Jun 30, 2003)
Is it possible for the Rotate tool to be implemented into this program? thanx mistake, I...
2draw contest!
19 replies
furyofroy (Jun 27, 2003)
Unwritten rules. You must follow them.
18 replies
Zappo (Jun 20, 2003)
What about the rules on Cheating........Ive seen some questionable asciiart im not pointing any fing...
"Error sending image."
18 replies
coffeejelly (May 29, 2003)
marcello is so cool :'D if you live nearby i will make you my slave and do all the java work for me...
2draw v2: contribute
14 replies
marcello (May 21, 2003)
not too late, the more the merrier
Huh, what happened to the boards?
8 replies
Mnemosyne (Apr 27, 2003)
I'm not sure I like it, the boards seem too fill up much faster (well the practice board, at least) ...
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