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marcello (edited Feb 15, 2003)
Ok, everyone's been asking me who won the contest, and thanks to a nasty flu the results were delayed. But here they are.

I should first start by saying the artistic skill of many of the submissions (full list) was incredible, but I unfortunately couldn't decide based on skill and detail alone. In fact I looked towards the simple, as it will be necessary to have many drawings of the same character for a mascot.

So without further delay, the winners:
rydicanubis's "'nuther mascot.... 9_9"
ChinkyFlip's "Mascot 2 Redrawn"

I'd like to give an honorable mention to pinklynx's entry, since it's damned cool.

So what does this mean? Not much, as I've been saying since the beginning, I'm not sure if 2draw needs a mascot, but I will certainly play with the idea while designed v2.0.

So congratulations to the winners and everyone who entered, thanks for being a part of 2draw.

For those of you who missed it, public beta 2 for lascaux sketch began yesterday. Go check it out in the lascaux board.
Knockoff (edited Feb 15, 2003)
Yea! Good Job rydicanubis and ChinkyFlip and pinklynx. Your Pictures are Great!
ky (edited Feb 15, 2003)
Congrats to you.
furyofroy (edited Feb 15, 2003)
Congrats to Rydicanubis and Chinkyflip. Man, i guess large and detailed to the toes won't win everytime... (sigh)
marcello (edited Feb 15, 2003)
Feel free to post ideas for new art contests!
Minitsaru (edited Feb 18, 2003)
love the maskots =P i had a feeling chinky's "little people" would make it =P congrats to all who made it and all who tried =D
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