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marcello (edited Sep 30, 2002)
I've just got php upgraded, and it appears to have created conflicts with cacheing. (IE. you post a message, but it doesn't update the page until you press reload.)
I think I've fixed the problem, but please let me know if it indeed is the case.


Plus go vote on darksun's contest.
kaT (edited Oct 2, 2002)
i belive that there is definitely something wrong with the updating
Five (edited Oct 4, 2002)
Ah, I've just sent you a memo about that. Couldn't see the thread before...
*hopes that the board is going to be alright again*
marcello (edited Oct 4, 2002)
I was just thinking that if your system is still using a cached page from before my fix, it wouldn't fix it. If I'm thinking correctly, if you go into your settings and tell internet explorer to delete 'temporary internet files' or simply go into mozilla/netscape and clear disk/memory cache (under advanced), that may fix the problem.
Let me know if it does or doesn't...
kaT (edited Oct 10, 2002)
it does fix the problem, but you have to repeat above steps every time the site updates
mia (edited Oct 13, 2002)
I cant see my comments and drawings... o__O
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