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I kinda left 2Draw... ;_; Now I regret it!
Oh well, I said I wouldn't draw here anymore and I guess I should bear it as best as I can.
And I didn't mean to offend anyone or sound all odd in my 'dramatic death scene' (farewell pic that i deleted)
Remember everyone, you're all such great artists. never give up or feel bad about some comments from others that aren't too nice. Practice is key. Seeya, and I'm at OekakiCentral if anyone wants to see me started fresh again. ^_^
Sorry for being so blunt again. o__o
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thumbnail Search the yard for 50 Dollars?
What happened? Did it just blow out of your pocket in the spring br...
Apr 20, 2003
thumbnail In fact, KO, the tree was called Whispy Woods. I liked the kirby games.
Apr 20, 2003
thumbnail A sprite, I see. Sprite-sized anyhow. Sprites have at least 12 reproductions of themselves on one th...
Apr 20, 2003
thumbnail This is so great, especially for OekakiBBS... I thought OekakiBBS was like, lineart-killer and shadi...
Apr 20, 2003
thumbnail How about lemonade filled with 'liquid waste'?
That would be twice the fun. And maybe some metal po...
Apr 20, 2003
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