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marcello (edited Jan 5, 2003)
Ok, I changed caching yet again. So hopefully, if you are using the miserable program people like to call Internet Explorer, everything should work properly again.

This means if your images aren't submitting, go to the draw finish page, hold Control and Shift and press click the Reload button.

Let me know if people still have problems!
Fin_beast (edited Jan 15, 2003)
I thought internet explorer was 1 of the best web browsers?
marcello (edited Jan 16, 2003)
That really depends on how you look at it, with really only 2 browsers it's hard to not be '1 of the best'... Anyway, it has problems for lots of people, so I reverted to a non-caching system for 2draw (slows down browsing).
cherikit-chan (edited Jan 19, 2003)
So, do you think it works better when you use Netscape? I try to do that but when I try to get to this website it completely freezes up...
marcello (edited Jan 19, 2003)
Try Mozilla
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