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marcello (edited Apr 5, 2003)
It's been a while, but a new version of lascaux sketch is up, mainly fixing some recently found bugs.
If you haven't checked out this funky little oekaki applet, head on over the to the lascaux board.
coffeejelly (edited Apr 8, 2003)
i don't know if this little thing is supposed to work this way but one thing about lascaux sketch that bothers me is that whenever i am using a brush with transparency that is less then 255, i will need to lift up my mouse/pen and draw on the patch again to achieve a darker line... in paintbbbs it is possible to continue scribbling over the same spot to intensify the colour without having to lift the mouse/pen...
marcello (edited Apr 9, 2003)
You want flow, not opacity.
coffeejelly (edited Apr 10, 2003)
ahhh (^^;;)
i get it now...
now i know what the flow slider bar does, thanks :'D
darkk_angel (edited Apr 18, 2003)
go beta stuff woo hoo i really am posting too much... how the hell am i thirteenth on the rankings list?>
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