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Fuck I haven't drawn in forever. I guess I'll just deal with it. I still come here almost every day! I'm such a loser, should I be admitting that I have no life? Was there any point to this at all?

I don't know what to say about me. I . . . errr . . . like to draw? sometimes? I like music too. If you want to talk to me, talk about music. I'm usually nice, I'm just about inane and sarcastic. and stupid, don't forget stupid. So there you go. You can call me Mnem if you want. tesia-chan came up with it and I like it cuz it's easier to type and harder to misspell. I misspell my own pseudonom. That says aomething. What it says, I don't know, but it says something.

Just so you know, I'm dead. I jumped off a building a few weeks ago. It was rather enjoyable. I thought for a minute i was flying, then I realized the ground was coming at me far faster than it had any right to. I was just starting to worry about this fact, when I hit, and I blacked out for a few seconds. I splattered inside a good ten foot radius, since I fell from quite a height. It was hard to beleive all that blood had once been inside of me . . . it's weird you know, how when you're alive, you never stop to wonder just what colour you're intestines are. Then you're dead. And now that you no longer have intestines, you start to care about things like that. Never thought I'd miss being carnate so much. Ah well. It hasn't rained recently, if you go down by some of the high-rises on Lakeshore you should still be able to see the stain from my body. Not that it looks like a body, it looks more like some rather chunky red paint . . . even if I've washed away, you should still be able to tell where I landed because all the dogs that go by stop to sniff and lick at the pavement. Nasty Bastards. 1000 years of being domesticated and they still go carnivorus at the scent of blood. Nothing I can really do about it, ne? Just come visit me some time, it'll remind me that someone other than hungry canines still remember I exist.
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thumbnail ahh, red, glowy emancipated goodness.

teacher says: bad demon! it is mean to convince ...
May 26, 2003
thumbnail Yeah, don't complain, blood is washable. (don't tell the police, but this was me. honest. ...
May 26, 2003
thumbnail nope. he's dead. They want us to think he's sleeping because we're young and innocent (right) and ...
May 26, 2003
thumbnail he has acne on his but.
May 26, 2003
thumbnail oooh! That's fun! but . . . his ear is kinda . . . huge.
May 26, 2003
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