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marcello (edited May 18, 2003)
Please read the following or risk losing draw access:

2draw is a place of art. Likewise, the intention of the site is to promote artistic skills and the improvement of such. While many of the users on 2draw abide by these unwritten rules, a number of less mature individuals can't seem to understand them. So here they are written out.

If you don't follow these unwritten rules, your drawings will be deleted!

The number one rule of 2draw is, if you don't like it, if you can't imagine anyone liking it, don't submit it! A 5 minute sketch, a 10 minute drawing, all of these could be oh-so-much better if twice the effort and time was put into them. This doesn't mean you can't post 5 or 10 minute sketches, but they have to be *good* 5 or 10 minute sketches, they can't be the only thing you submit, and they should be posted on rare occasions.

"Unfinished." The ability to resume/continue images is a great way to see the progression of a drawing over time. However, spending 2 minutes on a drawing and then saying it's unfinished because you have to eat dinner is just lame. If you can't simply leave the drawing open and return to it later, don't submit it at all!

Boards. The boards aren't very strict, and a picture posted on the intermediate board that really should be on the practice board *may* be kept. However, if you post 4 or 5 in succession, chances are, they'll all be removed. Why not spend the time it took to draw all 5 on a single better drawing?

Quality not quantity! A couple sentence comment and critique is many times more useful than 30 comments that say nothing, such as "cool," "awesome," and "wow." While I'm not accusing everyone, the rest should follow and try to post insightful comments! It's the only way some people can improve.

So, in summary, pictures that are posted on the appropriate board, and appear to have taken thought and honest effort will remain, even if they're not amazing. Pictures that even the artist themselves are probably not proud of, will be removed.

And a warning, if enough of your drawings get deleted for these reasons, your account will be marked and people will throw tomatoes at you. ;-)
Xodiak (edited May 18, 2003)
wow, cool! awesome post! >;)
hehe Xod is kidding. I think 2draw is a very nice board and I like the people who visit here. Your rules are very fair, I will try to do anything to respect them. >:)
coffeejelly (edited May 18, 2003)
i haven't been drawing a lot lately...
actually glad to have these new rules, they make the whole website more organized.
:o i always do 5-10 minute sketches recently X'D but that's because my online time is getting less and less... :'(
marcello (edited May 19, 2003)
I haven't been drawing much either, but that's cause I'm working on 2draw v2.0. :-)
furyofroy (edited May 19, 2003)
I'm glad you posted this -- A lot of these things have been really annoying.
ky (edited May 21, 2003)
I agree with Xod, and Roy.

I think it's an awesome post, and I'm glad you put it up.
Turtlebuster (edited May 21, 2003)
aye, cap'an. but keep it mind that people like me almost NEVER spend more than 20 min on any picture, and very often spend 10 min on a picture. I'm not really lazy, it's just that i usually acomplish what i'm trying for in 10 min. I will try to take a little more time (especially with the lineart)
Einz (edited May 23, 2003)
ill start to build defenses against the tomatos ;-p
rosalyn (edited May 24, 2003)
I accept the rules and will always obbide by them.:)
Ari (edited May 25, 2003)
Now you can't call them the "unwritten rules", cos they've been written. XP Sorry.
THANK YOU MARCELLO for posting these. It always bugs me when people post things they've put no effort into. I try to spend at least 30min on a drawing. 'Course, now I wear glasses cos I spend so much time staring at the screen...
marcello (edited May 26, 2003)
They're typed rules ;-)
method3 (edited May 26, 2003)
RULES?!?!?! JOO 3L1T1ST B4ST4RDE!!!!!! now i shall be FORCED to work on a piece for more than say 10 min! oh nooooosss....

can you tell how seriously affected i am by this?
p.s. hopefully things like this will be taken care of just by other people enforcing the rules rather than having some kind of automatic check or by a moderator eh?
marcello (edited May 27, 2003)
automatic checks suck, people just try to evade them...
Turtlebuster (edited May 28, 2003)
evading the checks by leaving the application up for 10 mins after your done with the 5 min pic?
..i see
ofphenwa (edited Jun 9, 2003)
Yessir!! The rules are very fair compared to i'm always annoyed when I see pictures which could be improved on. Those people definitely need to be more consious of what they are doing, the artist in me just wants to go over and straighten out the pictures. If you get what I mean. ;D
Doodlibop (edited Jun 10, 2003)
I made a 50 second drawing a while back, but it looks pretty good. Are you still going to delete it?
marcello (edited Jun 10, 2003)
doodlibop: I didn't, but as long as you don't make a habit of it, it's fine. You make up for it with other drawings :)
Maiko (edited Jun 15, 2003)
YAy ^__^ rules O_O i think the rules are fair enough O_O and yes does get annoying sometimes <__<;;;
but yeah, it does get annoying when people draw for two sec, and then they give up but post it anyways..-__-;;;;; (heh ^__^;; i've done that before, please dont hate me, i changed!) sho yah, wOo go Marcello!
Zappo (edited Jun 20, 2003)
What about the rules on Cheating........Ive seen some questionable asciiart im not pointing any fingers but ive seen 300-400 charicter pictures with photo-like quality done in one minute and 4 seconds.......either this persons is a child prodigy....not olny typing at about 210WPM, but to put it all together in a picture......a little too impressive if you ask me!
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