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marcello (edited Mar 5, 2003)
I'm not going to promise that 2draw v2.0 will be ready any time soon, but I've actually had some time to dabble with it. So here's an important question:

Would you rather have all the v2.0 features at once with one big suspenseful release? Or would you like every little update to be added to the main site once it's completed, pretty much diffusing the whole new version thing? (Although there are some major features that can't be done this way.)
theraven (edited Mar 6, 2003)
"Everylittle update would be much appreciated."
UppityCracker (edited Mar 6, 2003)
yeah just update it at your own pace, that way we can get out all the bugs
coffeejelly (edited Mar 7, 2003)
yup, it's better to introduce new features bit by bit so that we can iron out any problems one at a time... yah, and it'll be easier on you too :D
furyofroy (edited Mar 7, 2003)
...i will keep quiet, since my opinion is different than everyone else. :P
Shiek (edited Mar 7, 2003)
I'd prefer it all in one big, juicy update. =B More at once is better than a little at a time.
marcello (edited Mar 7, 2003)
I'd prefer a big update, maybe with a private testing of the dev version near release.... but don't let me opinion stop alternative suggestions.
pinklynx (edited Mar 8, 2003)
=P I like surprises =D so one big update is good for me =] but what evers easiest for you =D
Fin_beast (edited Mar 8, 2003)
I dont really care! I love 2draw anyways!!!!
WerefoxLeBlanc (edited Mar 9, 2003)
I'd rather have it all at once, IMHO.
Kazukie (edited Mar 23, 2003)
I'd rather have it all at once, also. =]
marcello (edited Mar 23, 2003)
The plan is to have the major changes (rewritten core system) all at once, then some of the less critical secondary systems will be added afterwards. Otherwise it'll be too much. :-)
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