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drawn in 14 hours with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Showcase entry!
Gigandas (Feb 6, 2004)
It's pretty much done.I might fix his chin sometime since that kinda bugs me, but other than that I guess it's alright.Sorry about some of the sharpness in the shading.I didn't have control over that since it just happens when being submitted for some reason^^;.Well, here it is and hope you enjoy it...if you guys want the reference pic, I'll try to put a link to it.
Gigandas (Feb 6, 2004)
drawn in 1 hour 8 min
Looks like an ugly plum with sun glasses^^;.....
Gigandas (Feb 8, 2004)
drawn in 2 hours 12 min
staci (Feb 8, 2004)
yeah well..looks like advanced to me. you need to get over the whole "im not good enough" thing. it will get old quick. you are fantastic. orlando was fantastic.
Look (Feb 8, 2004)
OMG, it's neo! Nice! I'm looking forward to see the finished version. The shading looks really good now
dixielandcutie (edited Feb 8, 2004)
hehe, i agree...your work definitely belongs in advanced...cant wait to see this done!!! *and after watching the animation...let me just say...i thnk the way you do skin tone is just looks so real, and you make it seem really easy...*
fleeting_memory (Feb 8, 2004)
SEE? Icats agrees with me-you're good get over it ~.^ I'm sure he'll turn out fine and I thought you said you LIKED your Legolas...
Gigandas (Feb 8, 2004)
I did.....I just said that I wish it'll be "better." There's a difference ;).
ky (edited Feb 8, 2004)
It's not fair to say it belongs in Advanced because of the skill, seeing as it's a copy of a photograph.

But the amazing ability to copy is there. I commend you.
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Feb 8, 2004)
Oh hush up KY. It belongs here. Who asked ya. It's great Gigandas :D. Can't wait to see it finished.
Gigandas (Feb 8, 2004)
Actually, I was thinking that ky is right^^;;;.It really doesn't belong here.But I really need the space and I don't want to bother the moderators each time to provide me with more space's okay.And thanks for the comments guys.Critiques are also always welcome, but just not until the next revision since I didn't really get to a stable point yet
EverDream (Feb 8, 2004)
Are you kidding I LOVED your Legolas pic!!! You did such an awesome job and I have no doubt that this wouldn't turn out bad at all! You shouldn't put your self down like that as an artist, you really do have talent! :D
dixielandcutie (Feb 9, 2004)
i agree ED. so there g
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Feb 9, 2004)
I understand, I feel the same way about posting in advanced - I only do it because of the space thing, and I wince every time I hit submit. lol - but you gotta know you got some talent, boy! I love your work and always can't wait to see the next one.
Axil62 (Feb 9, 2004)
I'm sick and tired of listening to you whine about "I'm not good enough, boo hoo hoo, tell me I'm good enough some more, boo hoo hoo, waaa waaa waa". It's pathetic. Grow up already, jeez.
Fin_beast (Feb 9, 2004)
Looks like the rock.
Gigandas (edited Feb 9, 2004)
Axil62, actually, that's how you interpret it, but I really could care less if anybody even gave me a comment whether it's positive or negative.If I could I wouldn't even mind erasing all these comments anyways^^;.In fact, go ahead and criticize the crap outta me or my drawings, I seriously don't care.I'm just stating the truth, I'm not easy on myself so why don't YOU get over it?You could at least give ME the freedom to be a perfectionist you know.
Justin_Sane (Feb 9, 2004)
Yeh i was think it looks like the rock ,Nice work
gothamgirl (edited Feb 9, 2004)
Gorgeous already! *waits impatiently* =)

The modesty is good. Maybe it'll outweigh some of the others.
Edward (Feb 9, 2004)
It looks awsome so far i love the shinnyness of the nose and how well you did the lips...i have always had proublems with lips X3 Great job I cant wait to see it finished
Axil62 (Feb 9, 2004)
Being a perfectionist and fishing for compliments are two different things Gig.
Gigandas (Feb 9, 2004)
Geez, you really don't know me^^;.I wouldn't assume things if I were you.That can also get you places where you don't wanna go.If you actually knew me as a person and I really was that way, I would admit it.I seriously would.But you don't and too bad I'm not fishing for compliments.You know what....just shut up^^;.Let me be and I'll let you be too.
Gigandas (Feb 9, 2004)
drawn in 1 hour 48 min
Hmm....his chin still looks kinda weird, but I'll get to that.Anyone see any major problems?If so, feel free to tell me(Besides the chin since I already see that^^;).Btw, this is just a quick save.Planning to get right back on it...
Kloxboy (Feb 9, 2004)
What's the big deal, it's a face? you people are so easy.
Gigandas (Feb 9, 2004)
Yeah, what Cloxboy says, it's only a face *nod nod*.But I disagree on the part where he said you guys are easy^^;.
Gigandas (Feb 10, 2004)
drawn in 27 min
This revision was just sort of a test to make sure it would be able to upload again properly^^;.Made a huge revision last night, but because of an error it wouldn't upload, so sorry about this quick revision^^;.
Gigandas (Feb 10, 2004)
drawn in 1 hour 28 min
There, he has his trench coat now.....I might just leave him like this for the night since I only got 40 minutes left on me anyways for today^^;.Oh well, I'll work on it some more tomorrow...
Gigandas (Feb 11, 2004)
drawn in 2 hours 41 min
fleeting_memory (Feb 11, 2004)
oh no! They've gotta be able to do something about that-at least we know he has hair now-its all zoomed in on'll finish it NC don't worry. oooo Kayak this weekend?
method3 (Feb 12, 2004)
Wow, that is screwed up... seriously. If the animation file is screwed up then your only hope is going back to revision 5. And the only one who can get it back to revision 5 is marcello.
marcello (Feb 12, 2004)
ok, I hacked the animation file, try it now.
Haushinka (Feb 12, 2004)
Oh my gosh! Its Keano Reeves as Neo!!!! The Matrix! hahaha, awsome! I can't believe you can make it look so realistic! I mean, damn, it looks like a Photograph sort of, if it weren't for the lack of shading on the trench coat and hair... if you added that in, that'd definitely make it look real.
Gigandas (Feb 12, 2004)
Thanks Marcello, I haven't tried it yet but I'll try it right now.Sorry for all the trouble with this.I'll never touch any buttons during the uploading again^^;.I'm really sorry about this...but thanks again for helping me out.
Gigandas (Feb 12, 2004)
drawn in 1 hour 20 min
Okay, it's finally back to normal^^;.Sorry about that everybody....and lots of thanks to Marcello who was able to bring it back in order.I will get back to this as soon as I eat my dinner...
Kloxboy (Feb 12, 2004)
I see this and all I hear is "I know kung fu"....yep, he sure does.
fleeting_memory (Feb 12, 2004)
OMG Marcello is God! *forgive me Lord* but seriously man Marcello you are awsome-gigandas you better finish this one quick-his hair looks kinda funky still but being the perfectionist that you are >v< I know you're not done. Great job and wonderful patience
Look (Feb 12, 2004)
that skin tone is damn amazing!!!! so realistic!!!
Gigandas (edited Feb 12, 2004)
drawn in 2 hours 5 min
Kay.....let's see.....the hair and the background shades to go....

-Weird....somehow the shades on the trench coat got sharpened as it was submitted^^;;;....can't do anything about that I guess...
thug (Feb 12, 2004)
looks like a figure in a wax museum...kind of spooky and fake, it would be more interesting if it were melting...that would be cool!
EverDream (Feb 12, 2004)
This is turning out WONDERFUL! You must finish! Must I say! :D Please do keep it up! I'm loving this a LOT!
Gigandas (Feb 12, 2004)
Hmm....maybe coz of the hair, thug?Can't really do too much more with the skin tones since pores are about the only thing I left out from the reference picture.But then again, who would draw that with this small of a picture^^;;;...
Gigandas (Feb 12, 2004)
drawn in 1 hour 43 min
I guess I'm done, but I still see some spots that could be fixed....well, that'll be fixed another time if at all.Anyway, here it is...
method3 (Feb 12, 2004)
Is it just me or are his ears a bit pointy? Squint your eyes a bit and it's almost like Spock... only not 80s style... with shades...
Gigandas (Feb 12, 2004)
His ears look like that in the reference picture.I also thought his ears look pretty weird(in this reference picture).
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Feb 12, 2004)
Now I hate you AND pix. UGH. lol. This is so wonderful. :) And if you say again that you aren't good enough for advanced, I will hunt you down like a wild animal. ;)
dixielandcutie (Feb 12, 2004)
rockin as i knew it would be... *grin*
ky (Feb 12, 2004)
Makes me want to punch him for that snooty face. Nice job.
fleeting_memory (Feb 13, 2004)
very nice-good job keepin with it-can't wait to see your next picture
marcello (Feb 13, 2004)
the creativity is overwhelming ;)
Gigandas (Feb 13, 2004)
I know, I know...this drawing isn't really for audiences though.Its true intensions are for me to get a feel for drawing realistic stuff.That way, I can get proportions better when drawing an original pic...
Harmanye (Feb 13, 2004)

No fair, no fair at all. I love your work (I took a gander at your userboard)
Terrific job *yes*
Edward (Feb 13, 2004)
thats looks so awsome....the only thing i can point out that kina bothers me is the left ear ^^ cant wait to see your next one!
Gigandas (Feb 13, 2004)
Left ear meaning the right ear from a viewer's view?Because the lighter colored ear looks exactly like the picture since I spent like about an hour trying to get it right it^^;.What my biggest mistakes are are the chin and probably the jaw width on "his" right.But then there's only so much you can do with an optical mouse so, it's not exactly tablet quality.Wish I could've made the tiny details on his face with the beard and mustache though...
laurael (Feb 13, 2004)
Why in the world do ppl keep saying 'copying' a photo...'copying' a photo... when the subject is people? There's quite a few drawings here that don't look like the person it was suppose to's 'not that easy' to do these. And yet for the ones(like this one) that looks just like the person, 'THESE are the ppl that have the talent to do portraits...the rest of us...well, maybe if we keep working at it...
DieChan (Feb 15, 2004)
O.O I must bow to your greatness. *bows* Ish NEO!!! MISHTER ANDERSON! Just wow.... Can I have some of your talent?
Gigandas (Feb 15, 2004)
Sure....that's if I have any at all, DieChan^^;.I was looking at it and the more I stare at it, the more thug's comment seems true.I noticed the contrast isn't smooth and too sudden in some spots making it look a bit fake.I gotta fix that sometime if I can...
darklittlewolf (Feb 20, 2004)
whaa!! thats soo good
davincipoppalag (Feb 20, 2004)
amazing work.... this one must hold the comment record too... lots and lots...
purplestarfishy (Feb 21, 2004)
wow amazing! looks really like him great job
staci (Feb 22, 2004)
jiminy christmas..i just looked at this again and shit, its so well reproduced. oh yeah but can i be ultra super super picky? ok i dunno but one thing that didnt look at "real" as the rest in this one and the legolas was the this case his right ear. i dunno if towards the end you are just in the home stretch and you dont add the extras to it or its like that in the photo or whatever. but yikes he's hot.
lilypad (Feb 22, 2004)
i've seen how much u've been declining the fact that it's advanced...well if u don't think it is it can't be 'cause you don't belive in the pic and the fact that u're good. just face it, it's realistic and it's advance board worthy.
Gigandas (Feb 22, 2004)
Yeah, I think it's both that I'm rushing to finish and the fact that I'm using a mouse^^;.The mouse doesn't exactly help you when it comes to making a well-done replica of something.And I noticed another problem on his face is that right above his right eye, there's some flat reddish color that's really bugging me.Ah well, I'll fix it when I actually feel up to it or just get really annoyed by some of what can be fixed when I look at this.
lilypad (Feb 23, 2004)
i use a mouse too...i'm going to get a tablet as soon as i have the money though...
PurpleLlamasRcoming (Feb 26, 2004)
its amazing.kinda looks like that guy from the matrix....dont know his name, tho. and the fact ur using a mouse is awesome too. i use a mouse and my drawings stink.
Gigandas (Feb 26, 2004)
Ummm...yeah,he is the guy from matrix^^;.It's Neo.At least he's supposed to be^^;.
PinkuEspeon (Feb 28, 2004)
I love it!! Aiee!!! Great art artwork!!
secert (edited Mar 10, 2004)
This is the best I ever seen it is so cool.
Dizzie (Apr 14, 2004)
....*I am a great Neo fan...* (In fact I brag that my boyfriend looks a little like him when he dresses in black *drool drool* anyway, back to the comment. I could never draw anything half as good as that in my life I'll bet. *You are god*
Wraith (Apr 30, 2004)
"Two Very Big Thumbs up" And "Two very Big Toes Up" (<---Ran out of Thumbs)
MattGamer (May 14, 2004)
Amazing work! LOVE IT!

misterjimsan (May 25, 2004)
man that is awesome! beautiful work, looks like it could be a photo
bumpinthenight (May 26, 2004)
Outstanding work.... Quite lifelike, if you ask me!!! Great stuff!!! there is no spoon.......
ShadowKitten (May 30, 2004)
wow that looks exactly like him
AngelSentHedai (Jun 9, 2004)
EEEEEEEEE!!!! NEO!!!! Where is my hide damnit >_<
Paranoidkittie (Jun 18, 2004)
*Spaz SPAz sPaZ* i love neo! so freaking awesome!?!? it's plain b-e-a-utiful!
animalluver13 (Jun 20, 2004)
OMG! Looks xactle like Neo ! Amazing*claps*
Gigandas (Jun 21, 2004)
Thanks again guys^^;.And AngelSentHedai, I still gotta get to your Hide pic^^;.Sorry for the delay, but I got some other requests that came first that I gotta take care of.....I'm sorry.
Koneko-sama (Jun 23, 2004)
Good Lord, how do you do it?
mx (Jul 6, 2004)
Well done!!! Impressive animation
Being modest is a good if you really are, keep it up:-)

go well

JackSprat (Jul 14, 2004)
Geez! What can I add after all that....I like your paint!
cheetos (Jul 16, 2004)
nikku (Jul 27, 2004)
HOLY SHIT dude it looks like the real thing this is really really good stuff. matrix rocks
Gigandas (Sep 18, 2004)
Eh....every time I look at this now, I wanna just go back and fix it......only if I can remember where I put the color codes I wrote down...
the_thoroughbred_lady (Sep 26, 2004)
Tell me Gig.. if you're so unhappy with a piece, why bother posting it?
Gigandas (edited Sep 26, 2004)
Um, the keyword is "now" in that last comment^^;.(Not to sound mean or anything, but....)
monkeyboy (Dec 10, 2004)
this is realy good shaded
NoClueWhatImDoing (Dec 22, 2004)
Is this suposed to be Neo off of the Matrix??? This looks awsome.
marcello (Dec 22, 2004)
No it's supposed to be santa claus.
Kenshin (Dec 22, 2004)
Yes, it is Santa Claus.
plasma_ooganator (Dec 26, 2004)
mr anderson, we missed you! this i sso cewl. i like animations
SlimShady97 (Dec 30, 2004)
This IS Neo Anderson from the Matrix. Yay! I love this picutre; its so realistic and carefully and perfectly portrays Mr. Anderson's grim expression all the time.
Kilala (Feb 11, 2005)
I swear to god my wrestaling coach looks JUST LIKE HIM! So weird...
mr anderson......nice pic...i wish i could do something like this...
fer_sasaki (Jul 2, 2005)
oh god, this is soooo... perfect!!XD
DivineStar (Sep 29, 2005)
whitebunny1063 (Oct 25, 2005)
My brother loved that movie.
JK-Arts (Dec 20, 2005)
damn...... You a pro, That looks axsackly like him.
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Dec 20, 2005)
Isn't it amazing? He did a portrait of me, and I have the most critical family in the whole entire world (critical of everything and everyone, and they said it was almost a perfect likeness, so...he passed my ultimate test lol)
JK-Arts (edited Dec 20, 2005)
LOL i'm a Kennedy and the only thing critical about us is our personalities.
DeadlyBlondeArcher (edited Dec 20, 2005)
ahah... this I know about you, already. But hey, Kennedys are so good looking... so... makes up for all the other stuff. )
edit: oh, and Kennedy or not, if you don't work on that spelling I'm gonna whip your little ass!
JK-Arts (Dec 20, 2005)
col.jalloppe (Jun 6, 2006)
that is fricken sweet!! i would like that as like a poster for my room or something thats realy cool
KH44N (Jun 12, 2006)
Yea, no shit!

That looks so bloody real!
sukua_2005_ (Aug 10, 2006)
*ties him up and puts him in the Bishie Closet of DOOM* >=3
Shigatsu_Sensei (Aug 30, 2006)
You WILL be rich one day. You should get a job in this. They're available in Callifornia and Texas.
Trazor (Dec 19, 2007)
geez.... I cant post anything that has not been said... uhmmm... fabulisticoolio??
Rogier (Jan 14, 2009)
Outstanding work. Must have given a satisfied feeling when finished.
montezmaria (Jan 14, 2009) it! The skintones are beautiful. Very, very nice.
Miss_DJ (Jun 2, 2010)
Time to stand up again, childen, and clap loudly.
davincipoppalag (Jan 16, 2020)
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