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Fav. characters: Kratos, Jack Sparrow, Riley Poole
Marching Band ROX MY SOX. yes. ahem. (i play trombone cause they r teh most awesome...and tuba too)
I am now alone in my Anti-Kaiba Movement......oh well. Please, if you hate Seto Kaiba (from Yu-gi-oh), join the cause!
Other things that "rock my sox": Tales of Symphonia, Super Smash Bros. Melee (just 'cause...), Green Day, L'arc-en-Ciel, Tokio Hotel, Azu Manga Daioh, Family Guy (heehee), Death Note (the manga),National Treasure (fools!!!) and other stuff that I have yet to think of, but probably will soon!!! >.<
"The White House Curator? Heh! He's WEIRD!!!"
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thumbnail kewlness and stuff! heehee. heeheehee. push the button, yea thats right. lol
Mar 10, 2006
thumbnail this is the cuteness!!!! great job on your first drawings and stuff....i know you're reading this ov...
Mar 10, 2006
thumbnail Ooo...that's pretty!!! I love it, especially since my school mascots a ram (and my band director had...
Jan 1, 2006
thumbnail It's so good! I love it, great job!
Nov 28, 2005
thumbnail i like the drawig a lot! [i have no clue who nobunaga is...i only heard the name in volume 3 of inuy...
Nov 12, 2005
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