Location: Washington USA
Date of Birth: April 1st, 1991 (28)
Gender: Male
Registered: Nov 14, 2004
Last Access: Dec 22, 2008
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Suring you could be drawing a chicken dreaming, happily, right now?
Or a fat car leaping without a shoe while throwing up?
Or a stinky serial killer saying, "all your base are belong to us", happily?
Or a flower saying, "would you like fries with that?", slyly?
Or a sharp bowling ball exploding, wielding a rolling pin?
Or an enormous blouse squashing a multi-colored stud for "Justice"?
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thumbnail lol....i long do u practice this stuff??????!!!!!!!!
Mar 5, 2005
thumbnail lol...nice....thats all i have to say...
Mar 5, 2005
thumbnail so can i..thats really cool...and that pic just reminded me of a song...
Mar 5, 2005
thumbnail mr anderson......nice pic...i wish i could do something like this...
Mar 5, 2005
thumbnail wow...this is really has loads of detail in it...
Mar 5, 2005
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