usersi dont know....that's a good question?
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I am in fencing(fighting with sords) I'm thinking about joining a kendo club(no I'm not japanese) many people think I'm weird, and if you want to know anything elese about me memo me.(go ahead and memo me anyway, at that time I would probrobly be staring at the computer aimlessly waiting for someone elese to memo me or looking on the computer somewhere on this websight, with nothing else to do)
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thumbnail quite good so far
Jul 28, 2005
thumbnail Hey look it's me!! Sorry she looks verry similar to me. but good work! I like how you put just a hin...
Mar 28, 2005
thumbnail Verry cute! This kinda remindes me of "Tokyo Mew Mew" I like her dress!!
Mar 28, 2005
thumbnail Nooooo! Her butt's talking to me!! not the talking butts again!!!!
Mar 28, 2005
thumbnail This is verry pretty. nice work! Good first pic. better than mine!
Mar 28, 2005
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