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Mae govannen, maer aur mellon.
By luck, good or bad, you have stumbled upon my humble User information page. There probably isn't much to see here, I have no website so far, and if by some fantastic whim you should want to contact me through AIM, I shall probably not be there; but I am here oftener than not.
To reach me, simply send a memo my way, and I will reply as prompt as possible.

If you should like to visit my drawings, simply look at my newest below, check my userboard, or browse my folders. Leave a comment if you see something you like or just want to critique.

If you are looking for a Collaboration partner; simply memo me with askance, I shall take a glance through your recent pictures to decide wether or not I would be willing to work with you. Though the answer would most likely be yes, there may be some time when I simply do not believe I could, or I would not have the time. When Collabing, please specify anything of special importance that I should look to work on.

Navaer, eglerio a bellas.
*I wub my mouse*
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thumbnail Nah, DBA is the Ma'am! XD

This is really lovely, I don't see how a missed it before. The edges a...
Aug 13, 2004
thumbnail Looks great, I love how you coloured the jeans :D
Aug 13, 2004
thumbnail It's finished! *jumps around gleefully* So very very very wonderful Knockoff. You've come an awfully...
Aug 12, 2004
thumbnail I love it! Just can't wait for a finish, tease.
Aug 11, 2004
thumbnail I've heard it is spectacular.
I love the silhouette look to this picture.

I think, given a choic...
Aug 11, 2004
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