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Um...I'm just an amatuer cartoonist. I like to sketch, mostly. Lets you feel all...Loosey-woosey. XD Yeah...I'm a dork...
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thumbnail He reminds me of Criss Angel, the guy on Mindfreak. I don't know why, though. XD
Sep 9, 2006
thumbnail W00T! I knew this was gonna win. Veeeeery cute! =3
Aug 20, 2006
thumbnail Bloodieeeees...I lurves teh bloodies. >=3
Aug 20, 2006
thumbnail When I looked at the description I thought of that line from the Invader Zim Halloween special when ...
Aug 20, 2006
thumbnail *spontaneously combusts from amazing Zimmy goodness* FWEEEHEEHEEHEHHAHO!! *runs away and continues l...
Aug 20, 2006
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