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Rusted Heroes-Slash's Snakepit

Out on the range again,
I know I've got to beware,
High plains, drifter my friend,
I know I've got to be there,

You say I've got to be gone,
Keep singin that pusherman song,
I know there's someone out there,
Who's gonna blast my rocking chair,

There's always some cowboy motherfucker,
Trying to kick the dust outta me,

Rusted heroes,
Another motherload,
Top cats and dealers,
Rusted heroes,
Another motherload,
Ain't comin' home tonight,

Last night the doors were kicked in,
Don't care, I wasn't home,
Found out the snitch was a friend,
I know he's got to be gone,
Yeah man, it's such a damn shame,
I'm wired and ready to hang,
I haven't slept in five days,
In the trunk you'll find the cocaine,

Breaker, breaker, it's a hero, brother,
With another load comin', drivin' all night to deliver,
I got a trunk full of stuff, and I can't get enough,
Stone criminal, a beautiful sinner,

Breaker, breaker 1-9, there's a cop up my behind,
And a road block up ahead on the highway,
Put the pedal to the metal to deliver this stuff,
And you know I gotta do it, my way,
Seems like everything I do in life, is an occupational hazard...
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