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Date of Birth: November 11th, 1988 (35)
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My friends say I am a living cartoon, and I agree with 'em! ....(Drawing guys, is now easy for me. I still need to work on perspective, angles, expressions, etc. So I'll be doing that.)
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thumbnail =^_^= Glad to be welcomed!
Jul 7, 2005
thumbnail That looks like a girl!
Other than that, it rocks beyond rockness. <3
Jul 6, 2005
thumbnail It's cute! The girl does resemble a cat too...Y'know I love cats a lot and I like drawing catlike th...
Nov 9, 2004
thumbnail Saroar. You've always been good at making creases and frillies and wrinkles in material. I think it'...
Sep 4, 2004
thumbnail Wow...I love the hair...It looks soft...She looks like a faerie. ^-^
Aug 31, 2004
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