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I like to draw manga, even tho i suck. I do not have a tablet but i might get an Intuos 2.

I am also currently obsessed with runescape
And i am proud to state that i am a pyromaniac
PYROMANIAC (py·ro·ma·ni·ac) n.
A person who is aflicted by the irrisistable urge to start fires

ya and here is a great site

People who i think have uberific drawing skill: Nyao, Porcelain, Hakkai, Marcello, Wasil, Taori, Ameraq, Doodlibop, Furyofroy, VisceralVamp, Marienkind, Quintessence
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thumbnail thanx im about to finish it i hopes u likes the final version
Sep 11, 2004
thumbnail thats really awsome, i love the design on the glass
Sep 11, 2004
thumbnail thats really good i likes the fuzzy lines
Sep 11, 2004
thumbnail thats really nice i luv the eyes.... and as thear said.. it is definetly intermediate quality
Sep 11, 2004
thumbnail yas that does look kool.... kinda like some elemental sprites or sumthing

Sep 11, 2004
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