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drawn in 8 hours 41 min with Lascaux Sketch
Showcase entry!
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Mar 27, 2004)
The bluebonnets are blooming! I have seen this every spring of my life, and the beauty of it never fails to take my breath away. They aren't quite this full yet. (Wish ya'll were here) :)
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Mar 27, 2004)
drawn in 20 min
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Mar 28, 2004)
drawn in 2 hours 33 min
DeadlyBlondeArcher (edited Mar 28, 2004)
drawn in 5 hours 48 min
First the applet was acting all laggy and seemed to jerk the color around at the point of contact, instead of applying it, and then somehow (I don't know if it was something I did wrong, but I don't think so) it ate my final layer when I was finished. So I did it over. Dunno, seems to be wiggin out or something. I got some weird dark spots that weren't visible before I submitted, too... but I think that has happened before.
LovelyLori (Mar 28, 2004)
omg! that's gorgeous too!!!!
DinoFlorist (Mar 28, 2004)
that is very pretty. I like clicking through your different versions. It's like watching a 3 panel slide show of the tress growth.

How lucky for you that none of the branches were facing you. I know this to be a very common occurance when drawing trees. lol!
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Mar 28, 2004)
Hah! You are so funny... and that is so true. Actually, when I want to draw a particular tree, I take my chainsaw and whack off all the limbs facing me. Then I just fill in with dark where they are sawed off. ;) (You always manage to make me laugh)
sal (Mar 28, 2004)
wow really nice pic... love the sky, nice and orange...
davincipoppalag (Mar 28, 2004)
Beautiful.. I've seen this too.. LadyBird Johnson had a decades long campaign planting wildflowers all over Texas..mostly Bluebonnets..I believe... gorgeous pic Mizz Cindy...
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Mar 28, 2004)
Yes, she did. Mrs. Johnson planted wildflowers all over the United States, actually. And sometimes she dragged Lyndon with her and made him help! (lol)She didn't have to help the bluebonnets, though, they help themselves. :) thank you, davin. :D
Childlike_Vampire (Mar 29, 2004)
Such amazing pretty detail, so calming! I'm ever so glad spring has sprung. Nice drawing, I like it very very.
thug (Mar 29, 2004)
this is very relaxing, I want to be there. funny too about the tree branches, I'm still smiling while writing this, my office must think I'm an idiot, well I guess I am. This one is suitable for framing!
Gigandas (Apr 2, 2004)
Geeez.....your landscapes are incredible^^;;;.I think I mentioned on another one of your drawings, are you familiar with Thomas Kinkade?Your work really reminds me of his stuff.In fact, I'm going to Cal State Fullerton tomorrow to see him live at some open house thing they have.But yeah, it's great stuff XD.I don't know how you have the patience to do 'all' those flowers so nicely....
Pandora (Apr 3, 2004)
davincipoppalaq ..I remember Lady Birds project. Beautiful, and DBA this belongs in a gallery. Would be sold in no time I bet.
Pantera (Apr 3, 2004)
WOW, so much talent, I love this :)
gloworm043 (Apr 12, 2004)
Oh..My..Gosh!!! This is beautiful...
Baka-Usagi (Apr 12, 2004)
*Usagi ears flip back and forth*
I know there ish not much left to say... but I hope you know how great your talent ish and give me one^^(jk) But your drawing are seriously good!!!!! I bow in great honor of your supieriority.
Doodlibop (Apr 23, 2004)
You're making me YEARN to go to Texas DBA!

*runs through the feilds in her mind*
marcello (Apr 23, 2004)
just don't step on a rattler.
davincipoppalag (Apr 23, 2004)
To hell with the out for DBA!
Justin_Sane (Apr 23, 2004)
Lovely pic! ......nice and peacefull ...........i like the way you have captured the suns warm glow spreading across those flowers......overall a nice and calming picture.
emmamommalag (Apr 23, 2004)
This one is lovely. I'd love to be there to see that in person.
DeadlyBlondeArcher (edited Apr 23, 2004)
Lol @ Marcello... the rattlers are pretty docile unless you do step on them... I step over them on a regular basis. (but I'm sure you know that cuz I know you have them where you live, too) :) Come on over, Doodli & emma, we'd be glad to have ya! :D So many nice comments here...thanks to everyone and so glad ya'll enjoyed this one.
KiwiKitsune (May 3, 2004)
Aww... I think that this is kinda cute! I like it! ^_^ How... how do you do such amazing stuff!? This is very well deserving of being in showcase! I'm glad it is! ^_^ I think that your landscape pictures are prettiful! Good job!!
ShadowKitten (Aug 4, 2004)
cant believe that bush came form a buetiful state like that its an awsome drawing
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Aug 4, 2004)
Thanks shadow... Bush's ranch is just a few miles from where I live, in fact... my little brother that is a state trooper helps with the guarding when he flies in.
davincipoppalag (Aug 5, 2004)
Bush was born in New Haven Conn. He's an ..assimilated..Texan..
Bumble_Beez (Aug 8, 2004)
This is really nice! I love it! :3
Mipunai (Aug 17, 2004)
Wow, this is really peacefull, I like it n_n
pandabarrie (Aug 25, 2005)
feels like my contacts are fuzzy...nice job though!
Miss_DJ (Oct 25, 2005)
if this is down the road from you Cindy, then I think you live in paradise...beautiful work!
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Oct 25, 2005)
It's paradise only briefly, but then... a cowboy's favorite colors are "black and blue".
JK-Arts (May 7, 2007)
Very Nice and pretty looking out there. wonder where all the mooths and butterflies are and bees
yulya (Sep 12, 2008)
nice use of colours!i find it interesting
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