icon Location: Vancouver, Washington.
Date of Birth: October 8th, 1990 (33)
Gender: Female
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Well, I'm not sure what to write here... so... uhm.. I'll just copy my AIM profile.. >_>;;

Wicca, Jhonen Vasquez's works, Roman Dirge's works, Romania, Vlad Tepes, Paranormal Investigation, Drawing, Reading, Writing, French (though I'm still learning), Nature, Music (Rock, classical, celtic), Cooking, Helping people, Researching things, History, Sexuality, Religion, Friends, Neurotically Your's,Yaoi, Yuri, and Grammar Nazi-ing.

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thumbnail I like the colors you choose, and the pose is really cute. I haven't seen cat ears on Gaia that loo...
Jan 22, 2005
thumbnail o.o I love the colors, and the hair is so pretty! *dies*
Oct 1, 2004
thumbnail I love the colors, I see the demon in the flames too .__. The house is pretty, I like the lighting
Oct 1, 2004
thumbnail It's so pretty, the colors are beautiful
Oct 1, 2004
thumbnail So pretty, I love the colors and the water, it's so peaceful
Oct 1, 2004
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