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Well Well well! Haven't been here in a good long while! I still drop by from timeto time! I should draw something sometime too, huh? Been so busy though. ^_^

Well, lotsa love to the first art community I've ever been on! <3 <3 <3

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thumbnail Yesh, I'm awive.

Surprisingly! XD

It's been sooooo long!

I miss'd dear ol' 2draw! *huggles ...
Oct 2, 2005
thumbnail Wow Aubrey! no wonder you are so filled with talent!

*loves this to bits*
Apr 10, 2005
thumbnail I agree! the lines are simply loverly just by themself.

:D good show ol' girl!
Apr 10, 2005
thumbnail I still love it! <3!
Feb 12, 2005
thumbnail *claps hands* They love ya! They love ya!
Feb 12, 2005
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