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Hello, you may find me just a wee bit on the wierd side...

The Many Faces of Bee:
-Escapee from the Prison for the Mentally Deranged
-Supreme Ruler of the Earth
-Alien from the planet Hipposcarnoff
-Down right weirdo...
-Plotter of blow-up-the-world schemes
-And Onion conspiracy theorist

(To learn more, visit my website ^_^)
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thumbnail Whoa.. It's so simple.... Yet cool... O_O
Sep 26, 2004
thumbnail Aww!! So cute! :3
Sep 26, 2004
thumbnail This is great! I love horses ^_^
Sep 26, 2004
thumbnail -is envious- It looks great! Can't wait to see it finished!
Aug 18, 2004
thumbnail I know, but I think it's just a little extra to write it. Also, I used it when I wrote _bumble_beez_...
Aug 17, 2004
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