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drawn in 6 hours 44 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Showcase entry!
pix (Feb 3, 2004)
Angelina Jolie
pix (Feb 3, 2004)
drawn in 4 hours 9 min
Zappo (Feb 3, 2004)
Holy crap thaats real... Why doenst lascaux have an i can study peoples habbits
safescene (Feb 3, 2004)

don't you just love the blubbering idiot that is safescene?
Axil62 (Feb 3, 2004)
Such subtle skin tone changes and smooth transitions. Fab, just absolutely fab. I'm a tad jealous right now. Must improve...must improve...must improve...
ToraNeko (Feb 3, 2004)
Is her chest really that high?

But what can I say that has not been already been said? I saw this and knew exactly what it was, it is amazing! And youre not even done. This is tight work, no da! I still can't get over the skin... *pokes screen* It looks so real! >.<
dixielandcutie (Feb 3, 2004)
*jaw drops* lol, tryin to tell me sumthin ;p hehe. what an awesome job! i cant wait to see it done!!!
lucy_430 (Feb 3, 2004)
So realistic...*drools* Can't wait to see this finished...I mean, if its this good now...
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Feb 3, 2004)
Ooh! I remember you saying you thought she was beautiful, and that you liked her lips.. lol. This is soo amazing. Wish I could do ppl that well. I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! (Really you know I luv ya) this is great!
Look (Feb 3, 2004)
OMG, i thought this was a photo. It's really awesome!!
Enishi (Feb 3, 2004)
When I saw this, I thought you copy pasted it... its amazing!
graywolf (Feb 3, 2004)
EEEK! IT'S GOD!!! *bows* Must grovel in your presents.
pix (Feb 3, 2004)
drawn in 2 hours 34 min
marcello (Feb 3, 2004)
Looks nice, but come on, background! ;)
Knockoff (Feb 3, 2004)
This picture is truly amazing,
I love the extreme smooth shading.
It really does look like here, looks like a picture almost.
thug (Feb 3, 2004)
the best piece I have seen on this have raised the bar!
gothamgirl (Feb 3, 2004)
I wouldn't say the best... but this pic is pretty damn good!
dixielandcutie (Feb 3, 2004)
so nice pix...amazingly realistic
DinoFlorist (Feb 3, 2004)
um, i'm pretty sure this kicks ass with background or no. It actually helps create interest while keeping the subject in the foreground.
marcello (Feb 3, 2004)
The background looks so slapped together, while the rest of the picture looks amazing. It'd look a lot nicer with a solid background, or at least lines that make sense with the feeling/lighting of the picture. It kinda seems like rain, but it's a little too smooth for that, and she's not wet...
pix (Feb 3, 2004)
Marcello, the background is exactly what I think is the best to this image.
ToraNeko (Feb 3, 2004)
I think that the BG should be pale next to the subject. This way, the Hair almost blends in, in fact, the littlr hair stands do. But I do like the movment feeling of it. It is truly, as I said, tight work no da!! Saikyo!!! (awsome)
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Feb 3, 2004)
I think Pix composed this picture perfectly, I was so "pixated" (lol) by the main subject, I didn't even notice if it HAD a background or not - had to scroll back up and look after I saw the comment. Anything more in depth would take away from the subject, and he wouldn't want it to do that. And I WOULD judge it as the very best work done on this site (that I have seen, anyway). You can even see the 'peach fuzz' on her chin and upper lip! It's photo quality work.
strangeoid (Feb 3, 2004)
O_o *faints* So realistic... *twitches*.... like a photo.... *spasm* Really, really good. *applauds as she is carried away on a gurney*
staci (Feb 3, 2004)
heh..its definately photo quality. duh! but the best work on this site? hardly! as far as copying a picture its almost perfect. but i so much more admire original subject matter. good job pix.
Gigandas (Feb 3, 2004)
Just like to say very nice portrait.The only thing I'd change about the pic is the thick dark lines in her hair looks a little fake and that with a little more time put into the picture you could make single strands of hair rather than a thick plastic clump of hair.Otherwise good job(I wouldn't know what to say about the BG since I have no clue so I'll leave that to everyone else to critique).
Kloxboy (Feb 3, 2004)
Amazing. So cool, she's so pretty (when she doesn't look like a heroin addict, am I right?). I like the flesh tones, the structure. I really like the neck hair too. I wanna see more.
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Feb 3, 2004)
As far as the best work on this site goes, I was referring to portrait art, which can't be completely original - you are depicting a person that already exists. And of course, that is my opinion, but it remains my opinion that it is the best I have seen. Anyone argues it and I'll just get back on here and repeat myself. :P
rosalyn (Feb 3, 2004)
* bows and cries* So good.. can't speak.......* bows*
-simulacra- (Feb 3, 2004)
I think that 'best work on this site' is taking it way too far. Not even best portrait... Just because it is a portrait of someone doesn't mean you can't be original. Copying it so it looks just like the photo doesn't involve any creativity, just patience.
staci (Feb 3, 2004)
hey dba...we cant ALL be kissing his ass. ; )
pix (Feb 4, 2004)
I screen captured the drawing in several phases... you all can check it here
Look (Feb 4, 2004)
Damn, I wish I can "copy" off a photo that nicely! especially the skin tone, so good!
pix (Feb 4, 2004)
It's just a matter of patience Look...
DeadlyBlondeArcher (edited Feb 4, 2004)
Okay, If I'm just kissing a$$ and the guy has absolutely no talent at all... he just *copied* a photo, then everybody pick a well-known human subject and reproduce it that well. Come on yall, it doesn't require talent or creativity... it'll be easy. You first, Icats. ;) Oh yeah, and I promised to repeat myself. In my opinion, it is the best portrait art I have seen on this site so far.
staci (edited Feb 4, 2004)
i dont need to repeat myself. just read your statement and then read mine. and youll see where you went wrong. : P

but hey! all this repeating keeps this pic on the front page right? woo for bitchy females ; )
marcello (Feb 4, 2004)
doesn't change the fact that the background sucks. ;-)
staci (Feb 4, 2004)
pix (edited Feb 4, 2004)
First Marcello told me that I was not good enough to post in Advanced, now he thinks the "background" sucks... I wonder how do you call 'it' in english, but it is not constructive criticism...
marcello (Feb 4, 2004)
Um, you didn't read my first comment, did you?
nyao (Feb 4, 2004)
Wow... that looks sooooo REAL!!! The hair... the lips... the... um.. everything! I admre you! ^^
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Feb 4, 2004)
Okay first of all Miss "Icatty" I didn't go wrong. LOL And I read Marcello's comments, one of them says *the rest of the pic is amazing* and he doesn't dole out compliments regularly that I have noticed. I'd take that and stick it in my back pocket and sit on it for a while if I were you, Pix! LOL
Cobra (Feb 5, 2004)
I'm a bit lost for words, I just think this superb in every way. I think it's art and I love it
pix (Feb 5, 2004)
Wow, thanks Cobra
staci (Feb 5, 2004)
thats a good expression DBA. i also like to use "put that in your pipe and smoke it."
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Feb 5, 2004)
lol catty ;) And yes, while we do this, my fav portrait stays #1 on the Showcase Board!
picassogirl (Feb 9, 2004)
you know I have asked others to look at this and they simply say " oh thats pretty" aand then I tell them this guy from Brazil drew it, they gasp and look again! then I tell them he says he just doodles and get s "pffft"
You are so amazing pix i am privilidged to have met you! It looks loke a photograph it is so perfect! i wish u could share these pics to Angelina and nicole! They would buy them, i am sure! have you ever thought of doing beyonce or michele pfiffer? They are particularly beautiful I think.
marcello (Feb 9, 2004)
Why does it matter that he's from brazil?
picassogirl (Feb 9, 2004)
Why question my comment? I was just admiring...
kawaii_girl_star (Feb 15, 2004)
Wow!!! thats amazing i can't even draw as good ass you!
timE (Feb 24, 2004)
love angelina jolie but i think her lips are just a tad bigger. good job though. i do think the background would be better if it were gradiated
SaheraNights (Mar 14, 2004)
Oh god, I know people who would die for it
xytrusian (Mar 23, 2004)
I really don't get why there's so much controversy surrounding this picture, and why people are assaulting each other over opinions... just seems a little odd...

Anyways, I really think this is an awesome piece, and as every other person has mentioned before, it really does look very realistic, and the shading on her cheek really gives it dimension.
bumpinthenight (Mar 27, 2004)
Woah... REally kool sh!z!! You must have a tablet... Either that, or you are god! XDXD
Wraith (Apr 4, 2004)
This picture alone makes me want to get back into drawing.. People are amazing. And pix, you are one of them and thanks for the awsome eye candy!!!! I'd buy this painting from ya if I could afford it :D
Wez (Apr 12, 2004)
What A Drawing this is one of the best iv seen in a very long time :)
Aubrey (Apr 14, 2004)
Wow Pix, this is really stupendous!! I think if the police had composite artists like you there'd be a lot more bad guys behind bars! Excellent, just excellent, can't say enough about it. All that talent wrapped in the mind and fingertips of one person.. amazing.
FluffyStuff6 (Jun 6, 2004)
oh my god that is amazing!! so realistic.... this has to be the best ive seen on 2 draw.
AngelSentHedai (Jun 10, 2004)
LARA CROFT SHE IS MY HERO!!!!!/ almost looks real. I love it. Keep up the good work.
Cordelia_Pink (Jun 23, 2004)
Whoa! This looks better than the REAL Angelina Jolie. lol Lara Croft is an awesome movie. =) Nice job
cheetos (Jul 12, 2004)
OOH MY WORD THAT PIC RULES THE WORLD!!!!!!! NIFTEY!!!I WANT TO DRAW JUST LIKE YOU!!! HOW DID YOU GET SO GOOD? you probrobly practiced a ton! that just shows you what a little hard work can do. (:
saradipity (Aug 15, 2004)
wow...smiling that it is so good....
Mipunai (Aug 17, 2004)
Wow, it looks just like her, and very realistic O_O
Jack_Fox (Sep 11, 2004) job on the lips. Peace, Jack
Asridaein (edited Nov 19, 2004)
This is really really awesome! Lol, when i showed this to my sister she didn't believe me that someone drew it, she thought it was a picture!
plasma_ooganator (edited Oct 30, 2004)
brothersin (Dec 10, 2004)
I like the background. Looks like a silk sheet you can lay her on... mmm... Angelina
manda23 (Dec 11, 2004)
I really like the way this picture's "lighting" is... It makes it look so detailed. I can tell a lot of time and patience went into this. A+!
I liked looking at the steps of the process. That blue color behind one of images on the link you provided might give it a better background, maybe?
SlimShady97 (Dec 30, 2004)
You made it EXACTLY like Angelinga Jolie. I love her expression and she looks so ready to kick the a$$ out of anyone who's in her way.
kinkydoomhobbit (Jan 15, 2005)
NYAAAAH! looks just like Mrs. Gren n_n ugh... yeah, in the science lab at my school theres a lifesized poster of Lara with different 'life processes' labling various parts of her body XD LOL, so yeah. Lara IS Mrs Gren. n_n; whatever. this is gorgeous!
sxk (Mar 6, 2005)
wow. this looks like a photo. nice shading. this is so awesome. that, of course, is why its in show case. keep making good ones like this!
Miss_DJ (Apr 12, 2005)
awe inspiring and absolutely's SO real
HunterKiller_ (Jun 17, 2005)
Hmmm... that's funny, i haven't made a comment here though i've seen the picture.
This is deffinitly one of the best CG portraits i have ever seen.
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Jun 18, 2005)
I have been pleading with him to come back and stun us some more. Wish he would.
renire (Jun 19, 2005)
THATS JUST SO F*****G GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Knockoff (Jun 20, 2005)
rofl. ********
supermatthew (Jun 24, 2005)
how do you do that, thats incredable
linzy (Oct 22, 2005)
wow, thats soo awesomely amazing
gloryhog420 (Nov 25, 2005)
Angelina Jolie! She is the coolest actress out there, and you did really well, on.... pretty much everything...
JK-Arts (Nov 25, 2005)
Didn't i comment this before if not i want to say. You did an awsome job on this looks totally hot, and i love lina.
Thegan (Jan 6, 2006)
she looks really good its photo quality. lara is sexxy
nobody (Feb 13, 2006)
this is good work. but funny how standards of the site seem to have changed. many people here now exceed this level.
karisa13 (Mar 17, 2006)
that looks real if i would to score that with 10 i would give you 11
beth92093 (edited Oct 21, 2006)
wow this look just like Angelina Jolie wow its soo soooo amazing wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great job and the background is so kool u dont need 2 change it or anything!!!!!! perfect !!!!!!!!!!
RainbowCrack (Nov 26, 2006)
Wonderful job!
HotNinjaxSasuke (Mar 16, 2007)
OMFG this LOOKS amazing
QTgillie (Mar 3, 2008)
this is truely amazing and I totally disagree with it marchelo or something?....I love the contrast of the background and the realism of the picture. I think had you not done that it would be hard to prove you actually drew this it is sooooooooooooo real. I am new here and I am totally in awe of the talent that abounds. Thanks for sharing.
StereoG (Mar 2, 2009)
Holy Moly!- havent said that in a while.-
that is Way Amazing.
LeahSparks (Mar 4, 2009)
Well, this is very good. However... I would like to see more than just an exact copy of a person from a photo. Perhaps try to combine a few references to make it more.. unique?
shell (Apr 2, 2010)
montezmaria (Apr 8, 2010)
Beautiful!!! I love her braid in her hair, the lighting throughout it.
enirroc (Apr 8, 2010)
I particularly like her ear.
dorothyblueeyes (May 4, 2010)
very good skin tones,and skin work as to painting,nice.
Song (May 14, 2010)
wowowow... soo great :D Great work on the face, love the hair!! it looks so real, yet it still has the art feeling to it that makes it even better. Well done!
davincipoppalag (Jun 28, 2017)
front page
WolverineAlpha (Apr 17, 2021)
This is what you call a fierce girl
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