icon Location: Somewhere in the Bay Area of California.
Date of Birth: April 27th, 1988 (31)
Gender: Female
Registered: Jul 22, 2003
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Suring you could be drawing a dinosaur freezing, right now?
Or a horseshoe handling a terrible butterfly?
Or a confusing pumpkin skipping without a solemn banana at lightning speeds?
Or a rock saying, "eat fish!"?
Or a rock star marrying a cause metephorically?
Or a Mexican transvestite flying on a drunken car in a trance?
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thumbnail When I saw this, my immediate reaction was "Ohwow." All one word. The texture on the wall is espec...
Jul 29, 2008
thumbnail This is absolutely astounding. The background and design detail is incredible.
Jul 29, 2008
thumbnail Wow, you have returned from the depths! Welcome back. ^____^
Jul 13, 2008
thumbnail :D

I'm a big Keane fan, too. The last time they had a show locally, though, it got canceled 'cau...
Dec 12, 2006
thumbnail Nah, it's all about the frosties.
Nov 18, 2006
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