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hey ^^ i'm beth and i love to talk to people!!!!! also i love to draw and write ^^ but only when imm either happy happy/ hyperish or depressed ^^ alsoooooooooo i guess you can call me blonde but i'm not!!! i just act like it ^^ (no offence to the blondes out there that take that bad) butttttttt i do have blonde moments alot of them!!!! some people say that just bn around me for a sec is a blonde moment..... expecialy if you tell me a joke but i dont act like a blonde all the time ^^ heh i actualy have dark brown hair now thats basicaly slowly/fast turnin black... or really really really dark brown ^^ i have highlights, most of them are different colors of blonde and then i have some red but they're pretty dark so yea ^^ i'm basicaly 5'2 and im very clumsy at times ^^ wierd aye?? well i'm wierd in general so yea lol i just hope that ya'll dont hate meh for it ^^ well i'm amazed ya'll read this far if you really did!!!!! well bye!!
thumbnail this is really good ^^ nice job!!
Jan 6, 2008
thumbnail well welcome and for bein new to here this is seriously really really hella good!!!its better than m...
May 26, 2007
thumbnail holy cow this is so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its perfect!!!!!!!!!
May 12, 2007
thumbnail awwwwwww so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 12, 2007
thumbnail omg that is so good!!!!
Jan 24, 2007
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