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davincipoppalag (May 19, 2021)
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TripleE313 (22 hours ago)
Aww, nooo. He was the sweetest. I became a member here in 2007 and he was always encouraging and kin...
lil error
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susu (May 16, 2023)
Whats the board size?
Where is Dave?
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Cursed_Kennedy (Apr 11, 2023)
Wait ! what ? ding a ling is Lori..... do you remember this col...
how would folks feel if I removed the memos system
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yellow.nutella (Mar 15, 2023)
I prefer the memo system not go, but if you have to go ahead.
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LazyFish (Feb 26, 2023)
This is a great idea. Perhaps open up a collaboration that anyone can join to do a giant art for him...
how you get ranks?
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luv2 (Feb 18, 2023)
Gosh, I guess I'm not paying attention to those details or the consistency. I know some TOP artists...
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nehanetin (Jan 31, 2023)
how do i delete my account?
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marcello (Jan 21, 2023)
There isn’t a way but I can delete it for you
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yellow.nutella (Oct 30, 2022)
You can't, but if there is a moderator online, they can move it.
Chicken paint
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elly (Aug 25, 2022)
Thank you so much, dingaling! It's good to know someone checked me site out!
Chibipaint / Chicken Paint
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marcello (Feb 6, 2021)
sweet, should be up now
This might help you use Lascaux a little ?
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Wraith (Jan 18, 2021)
Ok cool thanks!
hi, i dumped java 8,got an old one;this site---
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davincipoppalag (Jun 26, 2020)
Everything works again.. draw away!
Java Issues
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marcello (May 17, 2020)
Try this out: ...
Removing an old profile
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davincipoppalag (Jan 25, 2018)
only one admin left i know about
Well.. as of today it no longer works for me either..crap
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davincipoppalag (Jul 23, 2017)
aww Well Hi Jana!
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davincipoppalag (Jul 12, 2017)
java socket not upload
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davincipoppalag (May 11, 2017)
Well it works on firefox. so get rid of
I would like to delete an old account
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marcello (May 20, 2016)
email me at — there's a couple things we can try
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