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Average artist that draws what he wants when he wants

Minor, 15
Furry and furry fandom enthusiast
Dave and Bambi enthusiast

I'm not online as much but I'll still try to keep posting

Other media I am on: Youtube (@saltyjerzel), Discord (saltyjerzel), Twitter (SaltyJerzel), KoGaMa (Jerzle)

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thumbnail To begin with, what is a Myo?
and second sry for not bein' active on Discord much got L I F ...
Mar 12, 2024
thumbnail Frick the painting went wrong.......
Mar 11, 2024
thumbnail Nice Jax u got there
Mar 11, 2024
thumbnail Yw!
Mar 6, 2024
thumbnail Knocks on door
Excuse me, Sir Susu, for may you unlock the door so I can enter plz?
Feb 29, 2024
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