forums2draw.nethi i got new browser/chrome or/and Microsoftedge;and now I can't
buffaww (Dec 10, 2023)
Hello:I have Chrome and Microsoft Edge:they're wacko! They just gave me a new chrome or Bing,and it won't let me draw or even login to Pencil Madness.The Bing is bad enough!it just takes over.But,yes,my bookmarks don't work.Tthe tiny images of Pencil madness won't enlarge,and I can't find a tool to enlarge the site--plus Microsoft won'tt even let me GO TO THE SITE.HOW DO I FIX THIS?iF THIS IS A NEW UPDATE IT RUINED MY COMPUTER.I called up the local computer repair,he's coming over wed.--That's how bad this is.Is that effecting this site?--thanks.
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