forums2draw.nethow you get ranks?
SamuelOwoadeOfficial (Jun 19, 2021)
next to your name, like i have 'appre... however you spell it'
davincipoppalag (Jun 19, 2021)
it changes over time and how many pics ya draw.. Ive never known what the parameters just happens...
SamuelOwoadeOfficial (Jun 20, 2021)
WeLoveNutella (Jun 29, 2021)
I'm a Dabbler I have 24 drawings
SamuelOwoadeOfficial (edited Jul 7, 2021)
Im a Pizza DELIVERY Guy and I only have 1 drawing
elly (Feb 6, 2022)
I got up to master! I'm proud ;)
davincipoppalag (Feb 6, 2022)
SidLovesArt11 (Dec 5, 2022)
I got to Apprentice in 3-4 hours, I made just a few protects,
susu (Feb 13, 2023)
I've done 28 drawing, and i'm apprentice...
yellow.nutella (Feb 14, 2023)
I can't seem to move from Dabbler when I already have 46 drawings 😩
susu (Feb 15, 2023)
maybe once you get 50..?
yellow.nutella (Feb 15, 2023)
No bc I've seen people with like forty and they are artist ):
susu (Feb 16, 2023)
hmmm.... I honestly have no idea then... it might be under which level you put your drawings in determines each point a drawing is worth. S00OOoo if you do 30 intermediate drawings, you would rank quicker than someone with 30 beginner drawings. I should ask mystical marcello...
luv2 (Feb 16, 2023)
It is probably on some algorithm, but I honestly think if you are looking for ranks then you are at the wrong place.
There are sites for that where you and your besties like each other's stuff you can have the artwork of the day.
This site has some serious great tools and applets. You can gain more knowledge, experience, and growth with more draws, learn from others, and try a multitude of new things. Not everything needs to be posted, I prefer art to be hidden until finished. I've certainly made enough cringe worthy stuff, (some deleted, some not.)
I enjoy the learning process and that should be the main focus in my opinion. Have fun and learn.
yellow.nutella (Feb 18, 2023)
Yeah, I understand, but why have them at all if it's quite inconsistent?
luv2 (Feb 18, 2023)
Gosh, I guess I'm not paying attention to those details or the consistency. I know some TOP artists have amusing and unusual status after their username, but I assume they're just fun titles given to the elite. I just want to get better and learn and when some of the elite stop in for a peek maybe they will offer some tips or say hello. Have fun!
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