forums2draw.netI don't want to scribble;can't get the chicken oekaki to open:
buffaww (Feb 14, 2024)
Yes,I have this unfinished complex design called "amazing grace" and I can't get "revise image" to work.It just says,"you cannot revise this image now, sorry." I had this happen with my OTHER COMPLEX TINY-PIECES DESIGN.--It stopped opening or editing,or revising; with no answer WHY--?IS there only a few hours,to paint a design?lAnd thhen yer banned off the picture?Cause I would LOVE to keep drawing,Finish "amaziNg grace."Otherwise,I have to do complex drawing like this on ""--cause their(the same )software DOES REVISE IMAGE.--this SITE WON'T DO IT.
spotdiamonda (Feb 15, 2024)
oh crap man that sucks, if i personally knew marcello I'd contact him. yo speaking of, does anybody know marcello cause we got a problem here! It actually is possible that you ran out of memory for your drawing.
luv2 (Feb 16, 2024)
It happens a lot to me, but eventually I can open it if I'm persistent. I also posted this problem on a forum board but no one answered.
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