davincipoppalag (edited May 20, 2021)
Please stop posting thoughtless scribbles. Recently there have been a number of "drawings" that were done in 5 minutes or less.. Just because you drew something because you were bored.. doesnt mean you have to post it publicly. Its fine to draw and learn, but you don't have to publish a bunch of scribbly lines just because you made them. Have some consideration for the people who put some time and effort into their work.. Post your playaround 30 second sketches as unfinished and work on them, until they look like something before you post and push off a picture that deserves to be seen. Have some consideration. To quote the site owner: marcello (edited Oct 18, 2002) – edit
Just a reminder to new and old users, moderators will not hesitate delete submissions if you've only spent 5 minutes (unless they look cool, which is rarely the case.)

So, don't send if it's something you wouldn't even want to look at. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Together we can maintain the quality of this site for all to enjoy.
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