v2.0 - Official Press Release
marcello (edited Jul 19, 2003)
Not much has happened around here lately. In fact, the last major update on this site was so last year.

So you've heard about it here and there. 2draw v2. Oh this feature would be nice, or that. 2draw v2. Perhaps something else. Lol. Hell, even you might be bored. But then again, what makes this site different from any other?

We'll see.

2draw is going through a transformation. Actually, it isn't.

It will be deleted.

The site you know and love right now will cease to exist.

In fact, the entire site will be taken down, crushed into some zip file on some floppy disk and put in the corner of some room that gathers dust.

Don't worry. Not just yet.

Eh? v2.0. Built from scratch. Same ideas, New ideas, New site. Sporting some of the very cutting edge technology in the Oekaki world.

It is coming.

Saturday, August 23rd, 2003.

Be there. Where else would you want to be?

So, what can you expect to find in the new site?

New boards. New Interface. Clean Interface. Image stages. New revision system. Multi-user revisions (Collaborate with as many people as you want). New moderator features. Thumbnails. Everywhere. Buddy icons. Buddies. Showcase. New forums. New Image view. Zoom. Expand. New comments. Revision comments. Expandable comments. New nifty. More nifty. nifty preview. New applets. New skins. New Ratings. New docs. Cool docs.


Heh. You'll love it.

And to clear up some confusion on the new site:

No, you won't lose your accounts. The login system is completely rebuilt, but all the old accounts will be transferred.

You won't lose any images either. Or maybe you will. The good ones will survive, either way.

Last of all, the current site will stop accepting submissions and posts sometime within the week before the 23rd. This is so we can transfer all the data to the new site. And make sure it works.
Fin_beast (edited Jul 19, 2003)
Yey! New 2draw! Im really looking 4ward 2 it! It's going to be like buying a new toy....
marcello (edited Jul 19, 2003)
Except it's free... although donations are always welcome.
furyofroy (edited Jul 19, 2003)
Great, and right before school too! UUGH. Well at least it's coming after all this time. I will barely be able to wait!
coffeejelly (edited Jul 19, 2003)
that's like a birthday present to me :')
mazi (edited Jul 20, 2003)
awesome. though i think i'll be in withdrawl for a while.. but site re-doing is good times.. i just finished mine last night at 2am.. lol
Turtlebuster (edited Jul 20, 2003)
you know Marcello, if I had to build a shrine to any one individual, your name would be engraved on the candlesticks :) 2draw is getting a facelift (a whole sex change, really) :D
GEM (edited Jul 20, 2003)
I can't wait...only good pics.....for me that adds up to.......3!
Knockoff (edited Jul 20, 2003)
Yay 2draw v2. Only good pics, thats all of mine... right? j/k its probably not even one. =(
Magnus (edited Jul 20, 2003)
Sounds cool...And of course, It didnt say for certain that everything but the good pics will go, did it?
tappie_chan (edited Jul 20, 2003)
yay!!! i'm so excited! ^______^ oooo i can't wait! *shivers with anticipation*
Zappo (edited Jul 21, 2003)
No 2draw for a week?!?!? :( I guess its for the greater good........
concannon (edited Jul 21, 2003)
Bwaaaaaahaha. Haha. *rubs hands together* By then, mebbeh I'll have a tablet. Birthday's right before. *ponder*
Nanibunny (edited Jul 21, 2003)
wheeee!!! Yayness! Its about time for a change ^.^ . . .. hehe i cant wait, *is excited* new things are fun :D
Zappo (edited Jul 22, 2003)
Will V2 have complex oekaki?
raenboe (edited Jul 22, 2003)
W00t! I can't wait! And LOOOOVELY......right b/4 school starts for me. Oy... Oh well. maybe I'll be so excited I won't worry about school! Can't wait!
mkkmypet (edited Jul 22, 2003)
WEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I love new things! But no 2draw for a WEEK?! I'll go insane by then! : )
marcello (edited Jul 22, 2003)
It won't necessarily be a whole week. Read the message carefully.
rosalyn (edited Jul 22, 2003)
Mmmm.... The New 2draw......I dunno what to say untill I see it. *Slapps self* I wanna see it! >:}
purplestarfishy (edited Jul 23, 2003)
Sounds good, so there will be more boards? and will there be a new address? will the programs stay the same? and whats an interface? (dont worry im an idiot) =^.^= well i cant wait!!
Doodlibop (edited Jul 23, 2003)
*drools* ...can't...wait....
Knockoff (edited Jul 23, 2003)
Yea there will be a new site I think.........
marcello (edited Jul 23, 2003)
The address is already and will remain so. Apparently most people don't know you can go to, however.
purplestarfishy (edited Jul 23, 2003)
oh yeh i never knew that =^.^=
mkkmypet (edited Jul 23, 2003)
He he, I can't wait for the new 2draw! It's like having 2 birthdays in the same month for me! >: )
raenboe (edited Jul 31, 2003)
Usually I just type in but on AOL we have a task bar at the top (for those that don't know) and I put a link to it up there so all I have to do is click a button and I'm there!
Aunvi (edited Aug 2, 2003)
AWESOME! can't........wait. This just made my day. =)
purplestarfishy (edited Aug 2, 2003)
will there be a bit where you submit lineart and colour it in or submit a picture and people can give advice on how to improve
marcello (edited Aug 2, 2003)
If you want that, go to oekakicentral. there aren't enough people here who are good at line art or advising to make either of those ideas feasible.
xvolcomx (edited Aug 7, 2003)
Will all the boards in v2 be treated as practice boards like they are now?
I hope so, cuz i like to use the larger canvas.
marcello (edited Aug 7, 2003)
what do you mean? the intermediate boards aren't treated as practice boards.
unless you're talking more abstractly, in which case any art is practice.
You can always use larger canvas size and not submit if you don't feel it meets the intermediate/advanced standards.
Or in the case of 2draw2, you can choose what board to post a drawing on, after you submit it.
xvolcomx (edited Aug 13, 2003)
oh, i thought they were....... :P
nyao (edited Aug 10, 2003)
OMG! that'z so totally cool! thiz iz like a birthday present, 'cuz my b-day iz tuseday! oo... thank you! ^^ but i feel sad for the old version... in a dark corner, a floppy disk...
icybluecub (edited Aug 12, 2003)
sweetness!! *dances* all my pics will be deleted then! haha. but new 2draw is worth it! i liek the idea about after you draw , you chose what board to go on. bc sometimes you go 2darw, and you dont know what will come out. so then you put some cool thing, but should be on practice, not intermediate... does anyone know what i mean?
Einz (edited Aug 15, 2003)
can't wait
kaT (edited Aug 22, 2003)
will there still be different themes we can choose to customize our view of the site? 'cause those were preety cool.
marcello (edited Aug 22, 2003)
Yes, but they have to be remade from scratch, so there will only be two at launch. We'll add more later.
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