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Date of Birth: April 27th, 1986 (37)
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Suring you could be drawing an opera singer sleeping, right now?
Or the pope slicing a cause metephorically?
Or an enormous ping-pong ball freezing a genius turnip with one thought in mind?
Or a slide dreaming?
Or a Spanish opera singer killing a short stout slice of cheese?
Or a squirrel saying, "eat fish!", in the name of cheese?
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thumbnail marcello? :P i dunno whos active anymore. maiko maybe? shes been here just as long if not longer tha...
May 30, 2010
thumbnail Hey poppa :) long time no see
May 29, 2010
thumbnail love this.. so much detail
Jan 1, 2009
thumbnail the cake is a lie, but i'd say cervix
Oct 23, 2007
thumbnail hahahaha cool, add me! :D
Oct 4, 2007
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