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For all you Mac users, I've released a new JTablet 2 alpha that should work on Snow Leopard and Lion! On top of that, Lascaux Sketch v0.8.0 has been ... » read more
Oct 16, 2010
Live 2draw is here!
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thumbnail wonderful.. the damned spammers are back
davincipoppalag 3 hours 52 min ago
thumbnail no, its 3 or 4 naked girls
estelleparson 3 days ago
thumbnail Thank you everyone! :)
enigma 4 days ago
thumbnail They run.. look at the forum
davincipoppalag 6 days ago
thumbnail nice piece of work sir
davincipoppalag 6 days ago
thumbnail hi, axil, very excellent
dorothyblueeyes 6 days ago
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davincipoppalag Jul 13, 2015 Oekaki bug: does anyone else get this message?..
I looked them up apparently no...now here's an oddity.. my laptop that was on XP and ran Java 7 die...
davincipoppalag Jun 28, 2015 Just beginning with Lascaux sketch
thanks rick..nice to know it won't work on Venus either
marcello May 20, 2015 Yes, I know...you're tired and don't much care anymore.
oekaki central is canadian, nothing japanese about it. ;-)
davincipoppalag May 1, 2015 Chinese lurkers
Well.. choose as you will..
lori Apr 18, 2015 Just Me Again
Lascaux... saved nothing
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