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9 out of 10 people agree over a theory. 9 of my friends say this is true. I disagree.

Go to my website (it's not completely finished yet, though)!

All about me:
Well, just recently joined 2draw again. I'm 12 years old now, and my art has improved quite a bit. I am in 7th grade now in all honors classes. I am becoming very active in my art, which is why I've decided to return to 2draw AND Deviant Art. () I love making games with various programs and scripting languages, but my favorite program to use is RPG maker 2003. I hope you all enjoy my art! C+C is almost ALWAYS welcome. :3


"When I can't draw with my pencil, I draw with my words."
-Lokuhy Mihano
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thumbnail This picture wasn't quite up to par for me. I am better than this, and I'm hoping to put up a really...
Sep 25, 2005
thumbnail Look at the first version, it's got the half-tones not blended. I kinda like it better... well, I li...
Feb 21, 2005
thumbnail I like the art, but I have no idea what it is. I kind of like the sketchy lines.
Feb 12, 2005
thumbnail Good job on the hair, it's shades fit together well. The knees look a little weird, though...
Feb 12, 2005
thumbnail Very nice blending... each color turns into the next so smoothly. I like the stone-ish/cloudy sky ba...
Feb 12, 2005
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