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One of my friends put me on this site and I'm addicted to just doodling. I also spread this to a few friends. This helps get feelings off my chest and see what you peeps think. I'm new to the drawing on teh comp but it's fun to see what I can do. I really have no life, I just come home and listen to music and forget about everything else. I'm taking art one in school this year. *now a jr*, i can't draw online, but i love paper and pencil! *smiles* Talk to me! lol. i need advice and everything!!
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thumbnail wow. thanks you guys! i'm gonna try adding skin tones now and fix it up a bit. thanks again
Aug 19, 2003
thumbnail ee!! *huggles* its so little! life is great. why kill god's kids?
Aug 18, 2003
thumbnail hehe... ... haha!!! *tries to stiffle laugh* thats great. i liked the censore. thats priceless. and ...
Aug 18, 2003
thumbnail haha. *sings* burn baby burn!!!! lol... everything i make cries... then i realized you can't cook st...
Aug 17, 2003
thumbnail oh. sexy hamster. ... i wonder if he helped pete... ??? huh. poor owners. run mike! run!!! hes hungr...
Aug 17, 2003
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Jun 7, 2003 Layering