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drawn in 2 hours 31 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
54 min
3 versions
1 hour 37 min
Showcase entry!
natsuki (May 20, 2006)
Zomg! Long time no see everybody (if anyone still remembers me...)~! I haven't drawn here in ages! Anyways, I was drawing, practicing here and there, but I got tired, and i didn't feel like coloring... Does anyone wanna color it for me?
natsuki (May 20, 2006)
drawn in 54 min
xiau (May 20, 2006)
Oh, that's really pretty. I would love to color it, if you don't mind~ :D
SanzoGirl (May 20, 2006)
This is so pretty!
And yes, let Xiau color it, she's awsome at coloring. :]
xRedangelx (May 20, 2006)
Wow thats really good.
natsuki (May 20, 2006)
Yay xaiu~! Thank you for volunteering~! I will love you forever~!
xiau (May 21, 2006)
drawn in 34 min
Just setting down some basic colors
Punky (May 24, 2006)
The perspective and lines are all like, "whoa".

mewulu (May 25, 2006)
Really nice perspective =D
Great work!
Kanuto (May 30, 2006)
Its cute and I like the background =)
xiau (edited May 30, 2006)
drawn in 32 min
Still a lot more to shade, and a lot to clean up
natsuki (Jun 1, 2006)
OMG! You color so awesome! I'm so glad you aked to color it!! <3
Sweetcell (Jun 1, 2006)
This is really pretty, nat's lineart and your coloring is a good mix. Her face looks so forlorne. And may I say the eyes really pop.
xiau (Jun 2, 2006)
I've found that green eyes really stand out when you color hair orange :D
Sweetcell (Jun 2, 2006)
Well, red hair and green eyes have always gone together. It's like blonde hair and blue eyes or black hair and brown eyes. The most exotic and rarest is black hair and violet eyes. Once again filling people with silly facts.
cianteed2 (Jun 7, 2006)
this should go in showcase methinks. its just so gorgeous.
xiau (Jun 8, 2006)
drawn in 30 min
SYTHE (Jun 9, 2006)
Wow, this is really great, the hair is awsome, the coloring is top-notch and the line art is great!
PsychoTeddy (Jun 9, 2006)
zomg. It's so pretty~~ It makes my eyes happy <333
kuramaandhiei (Jun 12, 2006)
yes it is so pretty&*_*
Zeal (Jun 12, 2006)
Congratz on the Showcase :"3
cianteed2 (Jun 14, 2006)
my prediction was right! SHOWCASEEE
Backstabbed_and_broken (Jun 15, 2006)
Can any of you draw full metal alchemist good?i need a FMA poster for my colab,memo me if you can please.
fleeting_memory (Jun 22, 2006)
I always really liked this and I just realized that I never actually commented on itt. Great perspective-Just a nice picture
dietsoda (Jun 23, 2006)
Holy freaking moly! Thats all I gotta say about dat.
taru_cha (Jul 19, 2006)
WOW this is amazing!!!
kiketsu (Jul 31, 2006)
this is like WOAH! i mean, wooooow. amazing!
beth92093 (Oct 14, 2006)
this is such a good drawing!!!!!
pancakes_rock (Nov 12, 2006)
how cute lovely bg showcase Lucky :(
UnWanted (Jul 18, 2007)
omg, great job both of you! soo cute :"3
Kafuka-chan (Jul 3, 2008)
Prettyful! xDD
Nice perspective too^^
vlad.the.hamster (Jul 3, 2008)
Ooh, it's pretty. :D
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