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icon Location: San Diego CA
Date of Birth: n/a
Gender: Female
Registered: Oct 24, 2004
Last Access: Jan 19, 2009
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Website: Cafe Aladdin
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-Race: japanese & black
-Spoken Languages: Japanese (fluent), English (fluent)
-Age: 17
-Likes: CHOCOLATE!!! Food, animals, drawing, cooking, music, being lazy, etc...
-Dislikes: Celery (eww...) and pickles, cleaning, anything that involves doing something... XP
-Fears: insects (even butterflies >_<) and ghosts (they're real!!)
-Goals: become the worlds #1 animator (I will be >_<)!!!
-Hobbies: ... isn't it obvious...?
18 Submissions
thumbnail This is so cute~!! *A* I love his expression, he looks so playful and happy! 0w0
Apr 9, 2007
thumbnail This is so pretty~!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >w<
Apr 9, 2007
thumbnail Thank you~!
Jul 10, 2006
thumbnail Yay xaiu~! Thank you for volunteering~! I will love you forever~!
May 20, 2006
thumbnail so cute!! >__<
Mar 1, 2006
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