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Listen up,
Here's some stuff you should know before memoing me or whatever

-Just call me Hiru~
-I won't tell you my real name untill you actually make an attempt to talk to me.
-I won't give you my MySpace untill you're my friend.
-I go on Deviant Art, my account is YearOfTheCat
-My computer is really slow at times, and sometimes refuses to load a drawing, that's why I don't/can't draw much anymore, unless my computer feels like it.
-I'm a girl, please don't gender confuse me. :I
-I'm very into the decora, visual kei, and lolita fashions~
-I LOVE Kitsunabu fanart, but I feel kind of unworthy of it.
-Draw Kitsunabu, and I'll love you forever.
-Steal Kitsunabu, and I'll hate you forever.
-I'm single, but I'm not interested in an online relationship.
-I will not tell you my real age until I know and trust you.
-I love Hannibal
-I still like Pokemon and Sanrio, shut up.

NOW! IM me because I'm a pathetic fool who has no life! D:
AIM: HayleyuuLovee
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thumbnail This is really good!
Why is it on beginner? D:
Aug 20, 2008
thumbnail I'm so glad you like it Mai~ ^_^

Thanks Punky! :] I tried to make them look as pretty as I could~
Aug 19, 2008
thumbnail Hey Deino! ^_^
Welcome back :D
Jul 30, 2008
thumbnail Ichigo, stop being so immature.
Kentai, you also stop being immature, and stop being disrespectful....
Jul 29, 2008
thumbnail Thank you :]
No, it's okay, she stopped.
It never really bothered me much, it's just the internet ...
Jul 24, 2008
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