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drawn in 2 hours 51 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Showcase entry!
Charuba (Nov 26, 2003)
I'll try to finish this tomorrow, but *yawn* I am beat. And I'm missing Futurama at the moment... There is no Shippou right now. Maybe he'll pop up somewhere in the background (of course I'll have to change the title, then). ...Ah, my hand hurts. Drawing hair with a mouse isn't the easiest thing in the world, y'know.
Charuba (Nov 26, 2003)
drawn in 1 hour 42 min
x-syndrome (Nov 26, 2003)
this is so darn cute! i lvoe your style! awww. and those chibi guys are so cute. :3
IDontLookTooGoodInPink (Nov 26, 2003)
Ahh..Omg CUTE
mikhail (Nov 26, 2003)
this is great, interesting... (id love to get in there)
Charuba (Nov 26, 2003)
drawn in 1 hour 8 min
Yes, I am pretty sure I am finished, now. *sigh* The little-ball-thinger is actually Shippou. (He can turn into a balloon-like object.)
Happy T-day, everyone. =)
Tylop2 (Nov 26, 2003)
Nothing really bad about this One. One suggestion though, go to the advanced boards, and quit making everyone look bad ;P j/k. Anyways good all around work. I love it!
nyao (Nov 27, 2003)
that's so coot! I like the use of two colourz. ^^
Mafuyu (Nov 27, 2003)
Lol Miroku looks so funneh. (Miroku's such a perv! lol) I love it, too cute.
HJ (Nov 28, 2003)
I love Miroku's expression, that's just like him!
The_Chosen (Nov 28, 2003)
hehe this is wonderful i love the look Inu yasha is giving Miroku ^-_-^ bows to ur talent
ShadowKitten (Dec 2, 2003)
OMG!!!! u drew that with a mouse!?!? *faints* what an excelent drawing of whats-his-face #1 (dont take this personally, its an inside joke)
I love the way it looks like it was drawn in pencil.
DieChan (Dec 8, 2003)
Dude this rocks! I love InuYasha. I must worship greatness!
Lark (Dec 19, 2003)
awwww..... so cuuuuuuteeee.... inuyasha rocks!!!!
rosalyn (Dec 22, 2003)
This is wonderfull! i have never seen this picture before and I wish i could have caught it sooner! what a wonderfull job!
rockergirl25 (Dec 22, 2003)
inuyash is so cool and so is vash
purplestarfishy (Feb 21, 2004)
looks so sketchy and pretty, the hair is especially great
KiwiKitsune (Apr 9, 2004)
O_______O COOL. How did you make it look like you drew with a pencil? That's so pretty! You're better than I am at anime` for sure!
15grifficorntears (Apr 10, 2004)
eewwww. are they stuck in her cleavage? heheheheh...
marcello (Apr 10, 2004)
can't imagine a much better place to be stuck...
Noremac (Apr 11, 2004)
yeah really... unless of course you fell through her shirrtt and landed in her pants/or skirt
Nagi (Apr 27, 2004)
O.O wow`re grat!!! =^.^=
Urei-sama (Jun 6, 2004)
kawaii!!! this is AWSOME! mirokus gotta be my fav in this one XD. its way cool! so cute! >>urei<<
mixup (Aug 3, 2004)
O______O whoa.... that is... really really good!!! it doesn't even look like it was drawn with a mouse....
Mipunai (Aug 19, 2004)
Wow, this looks like a page out of a comic O_O Your really good
Yuugi-chan (Sep 29, 2004)
OMG I honestly thought you were using toner! You draw well!
Yuya (Nov 10, 2004)
This is very awesome, I love Miroku he looks so cute.
Destervetha (Mar 7, 2005)
Bwahaha, Miroku and Inuyasha...Ohsocute :) Awwwwwwwwww~!
xoxhelenaxox (May 28, 2005)
I love inuyasha It awesome and the drawing is soo cute!
RitsukaAoyagi (Jul 1, 2005)
wow....i wish i were them....^-^its good!
inuyashafan101 (Jul 5, 2005)
inuyasha rocks!
darkwings45 (Sep 30, 2005)
awsome drawing ive ever seen in my life!

miroku's face=priceless
SanzoGirl (Dec 3, 2005)
Aww, that's so cute! :D
I love InuYasha. ^_^
snowprincess (Feb 13, 2006)
onmg inuyasha is ma fvrit animay ^____________________________________^ itz awsm@@!!!
kuramaandhiei (May 25, 2006)
This is so amazing!
NOVEMBER93 (Jun 21, 2006)
i love the show Inuyasha! this looks very good..congradulations on the showcase!
Fairy_uni (Jul 27, 2006)
That really doesn't look like kagome...
101_Torchic_101 (Jul 27, 2006)
That's because It's not..
NOVEMBER93 (Jul 27, 2006)
Who said it's not? I think it looks like her
fleeting_memory (Feb 5, 2007)
haha never saw Tres cute!
Tai_Chi (Jul 22, 2007)
Aww, it looks as if it was drawn on paper! And with a mouse!
I take my hat off to you :)
Azunatsu (Aug 7, 2008)
ichigokurosaki (Aug 9, 2008)
omg thats amazing inuyasha is awsome! =3
dan___ny (Jan 24, 2009)
OMG! this is really cute T-T

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