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Hi to everyone out there! I'm gonna make this short because I'm in more of a drawing mood than typing at the moment. I have recently changed my body into a wolf fursona and I'm still getting used to it. I am sweet, caring but if you get on the wrong side of me, you're in BIG trouble!
My friends are:

And Fiesta

Mah bestest friend ish psychofox0 =3

All of you guys rawk! And I'm hoping to meet more fursonas like pyscofox on my journey through the world of the unwanted furries. <3
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thumbnail Very nice so far, I especially love her hair. I can't wait to see this finished
Aug 24, 2007
thumbnail Are you using the 'fill' tool? If so, don't. I used to do that alll the time when I drew a picture, ...
Aug 11, 2007
thumbnail Aww, it looks as if it was drawn on paper! And with a mouse!
I take my hat off to you :)
Jul 22, 2007
thumbnail o.o What is it with people and Persocon ears?!
You must be a fan of Chobits... as am I

-ahem- I ...
Jul 22, 2007
thumbnail :3 Could I join with a wolf/husky?
Jul 22, 2007
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