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Truearashi and Deformed (May 18, 2005)
This is an angel person of mine... his name is Yami... and is called Yami no tenshi ^_^
Just remembered, I forgot his wings...
He is the broken angle, looking for salvation and resurrection, and most of all.. his past
.... Take good care of him ;P
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Deformed (Jun 17, 2005)
drawn in 45 min
This was very fun to color. Thank you so much for the oppertunity!! I'd love to collab with you again whenever you want!!
You can do the backround... I'm no good at them and I don't want to ruin it. :)
Truearashi (edited Jun 17, 2005)
It's really great
I love the thing on his skin, around the hand o.o ^_^
I would really love to do another collab.... just send a memo if you have any Idears what to do ^_^
BTW : I'm not going to do anything further to the pic, I think you can pull it off like this with no problem^_^
15grifficorntears (Jun 17, 2005)
Deformed (Jul 3, 2005)
They are burning them. Ouch.
drawn in 2 hours 58 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Shmoopy (Jun 17, 2005)
Crap, I know. Crappy color. Crappy lines.

But I think it's funny. And if you'd seen the others, then you would too. :D
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15grifficorntears (Jun 17, 2005)
Awsomely funny!
Xodiak (Jun 17, 2005)
Haha, very funny! The baby should eat the sperms for revenge. >:)
nekodesu (Jun 17, 2005)
HeheheXD Nice drawing.
drawn in 49 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Main Forums/Drawing Discussion 
Inspirational inspiration
HunterKiller_ (Jun 17, 2005)
This is more for the less talented artists like me, but feel free to contribute even if you aren't. So, when you are having doutes about your artistic abilities or having a mental block, what do you do for inspiration? To clear the block, give you new ideas, or bring back your courage to put pencil to paper... or mouse to pad... or stylus to tablet. The easiest most accessible i find is our own 2Draw showcase! I'm looking at it now even. Just take a stroll throught that magnificent gallery ...
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whitebunny1063 (Jun 17, 2005)
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whitebunny1063 (Jun 17, 2005)
drawn in 1 min
part3 of possesed master shake
whitebunny1063 (Jun 17, 2005)
drawn in 7 min
I'm finished with Evil Master Shake
vamp2 (Jun 17, 2005)
whitebunny1063 buddy sorry to say but that looks nothing like master shake.. tell you what tell me if you want to do a collab and i can show u how. + watch [Adult Swim]
whitebunny1063 (edited Jul 12, 2005)
Ok! We'll do it on ATHF
drawn in 20 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
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Jikibstehfoo (Jun 8, 2005)
-_- just a doodle. meh,I forgot the pass to mah account XD; Anyway. I did this a while ago. my java was not working.
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Renuar (Jun 17, 2005)
The size, the colours, the scenario, I like everything. Well done (Post more)
Childlike_Vampire (Jun 17, 2005)
As most have said, great colors and lighting, especially the green. She's very eerie yet hot.
HunterKiller_ (Jun 17, 2005)
This is teh shyt. Background is just too cool. Love the style.
Pence (Jun 17, 2005)
Wow, I like this, it's really inspiring!
drawn in 20 min with PaintBBS
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LizardGirl and CanaryBoy!
Doodlibop (Jun 15, 2005)
I did this yesterday in some sort of weiiiiird mood. I have a thing for reptiles and junk. And mutants. And fish. And clouds, cotton candy, moose, geese, hippos, potty humour... What do ya'll think?? :D
Public Boards/Intermediate 
Tenshi_Tengoku (Jun 14, 2005)
I rushed this near the end. Mainly the background and the silver hair of the taller girl. It's in PPG style(powerpuff girls). I use to really be into way back when and I got very good at drawing them and I still love to draw them. They were basically the first thing I began drawing on oekakis. ^.^ Major cell shading on the smaller girl. I should have moved the taller girl closer to the middle behind the first one to give it more depth. D: Oh well... :P
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15grifficorntears (Jun 14, 2005)
That's really cool, I love what you did with the ppg.
SanzoGirl (Jun 14, 2005)
I love this! It's so cute! ^_^
GOODBYE (Jun 15, 2005)
cute :)
drawn in 2 hours 35 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
15grifficorntears (Jun 10, 2005)
New character
Pryc: maned wolf, age 18, likes rock music and skittles
Yeah, my anatomy sucks
[edit] just making space for myself
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Xodiak (Aug 8, 2005)
Maybe he is really 12... but 12 human-wolf hybrid years can be the equivalent of 18 human years of body development. Hehe, nice character! You should draw him naked sometime. With pubic hair of course! >;)
Shoebox (Aug 8, 2005)
Oooh... looks great, can't wait to see finished. Lineart is enviable... therefore; I envy your lineart XD
SanzoGirl (Aug 8, 2005)
Your anatomy doens't suck! Thats awsome! My anatomy is so bad. >__>
fleeting_memory (Aug 9, 2005)
where's Roy? He'd love this one :)
drawn in 1 hour 19 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Public Boards/Beginner 
Alex-Cooper (Jun 7, 2005)
That was the most hilarious movie I've seen in years. Seriously. I couldn't stop laughing for twenty minutes straight.
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Ty854 (Jun 8, 2005)
heheh, I remember that part....pretty cheesy. Terrible acting in that movie.
squee (Jun 9, 2005)
I cracked up on that part too. My friend went and sat next to a dude dressed up as Darth Vader. When that part came she laughed her ass off and the dude just looked at her weird.
davincipoppalag (Jun 9, 2005)
May the farce be with you..
15grifficorntears (Jun 9, 2005)
I, a crazy Star Wars fan, was quite taken aback by Darth Vaders pathetic symapathies during that movie.
drawn in 1 hour 9 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Public Boards/Intermediate 
squee (Jun 8, 2005)
Uhm.. Yeah..

Dylan my boyfriend. I did it from memory. I miss him. I wish I wasn't miles away and I wish I could hug him again.. :(
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Xodiak (Jun 27, 2005)
I am sorry for the mistake... He looks great! >:D
Kenshin (Jun 27, 2005)
err.. then what is under his chin? *curious*
Xodiak (Jun 27, 2005)
I guess it is a shadow. |:)
mazi (Jun 27, 2005)
i think its the shadow under his neck and a bit of hair, like the other side.

i have a shirt like that. only more pixelated. i bought it from the guy that draws dieselsweeties
drawn in 55 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
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