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No one else can be named Shoebox now.

I feel bad ._.
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thumbnail I love the scarf, hehe.. The skin looks great. She's so sad! Or in pain.. hrm.

Can't wait to see ...
Jul 27, 2006
thumbnail Heh, wish you were bored more often! I love this.. I can't tell exactly why though.
Seems very war...
Jul 27, 2006
thumbnail Gaia, my poor account... she iz so lonely.
But I make a lot of money forgetting about it and lettin...
Jul 27, 2006
thumbnail The colours duke, the colours!
Hehe, it took me awhile to get used to my tablet when I first got it...
Jul 27, 2006
thumbnail Thankees guys, awful nice of you!
Sweetcell; It's been SO long since I"ve heard that phrase XD heh...
Jul 27, 2006
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