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Noremac (Sep 20, 2005)
love my tish, 13+ fer de boobers
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DieChan (Sep 20, 2005)
Shame. Where's MY love? *sobs in a corner* Cute drawing, tho. *sobs some more*
15grifficorntears (Sep 21, 2005)
my nipples aren´t that brownish! (loves my nipps)
drawn in 1 hour 27 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Public Boards/Beginner 
Noremac (Sep 2, 2005)
wake up to finish crying, and start to cry at the reality. shes gone
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davincipoppalag (Sep 3, 2005)
Thank you Niel..she will be back cam~!
inatyrb (Sep 6, 2005)
Shes gone for a year... She is in Germany, and Cam is now in South Dakota. Not only is he missing his Trish, but he is also missing his friends that he left in Michigan.
ChocolateMoose (Sep 12, 2005)
haha, yeah, only you just wish he was missing us...
15grifficorntears (Sep 13, 2005)
Hugs and kisses Cameron, I´ll steal you away and we´ll live on a mountain, "horses and growin" kiddo.
drawn in 1 hour 43 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Public Boards/Advanced 
Shanghai (Aug 20, 2005)
This is for 15grifficorntears. I wanted to make something much better than the first one of these fish I made, partly for her and partly so I'd feel like I was improving.
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Minty_hippo (Sep 1, 2005)
This is soooo cute n cuddly!! *huggles* oops....sorry 15grifficorntears, its yur pic..uh nice one redpanda!!
~*nya nya*~
This should be in the showcase ;)
Shanghai (Sep 1, 2005)
Thanks, but I have enough things there already. Other people need a chance to be there too, without it just being a collection of anything and everything good. ;)
Minty_hippo (Sep 2, 2005)
hehe thats why your so good!
Your right....but this one is just.......UNIQUE!!!
Animegirl250 (Sep 2, 2005)
This is a really interesting fish. *_* COOL
drawn in 8 hours 1 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
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15grifficorntears (Aug 30, 2005)
Until next we meet!
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renire (Aug 31, 2005)
If you highlight it, it looks like a girl.
15grifficorntears (Aug 31, 2005)
blah...I am a girl, that is me, a girl......just to get things strait, pixel art is hard men.
Noremac (Sep 25, 2005)
its ok, i would still hump you if you were a man... or the other way around really..
15grifficorntears (Sep 29, 2005)
yeah, you would SO be my bitch.
drawn in 37 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Main Forums/Drawing Discussion 
School Doodles
xiau (edited Jan 21, 2007)
We've all done it before, admit it. While the teacher's explaining what's going to be on tomorrow's test, we sit and doodle. How hard can a 7th grade test be, anyways? (Now it takes pure SKILL to suck like this!) Okay, people, post up some of your doodles if you want (they don't have to be drawn in school... Just... Well... Doodles. And only doodles. None of those I-spent-hours-on-this sort of pictures.)
Public Boards/Beginner 
15grifficorntears (Aug 26, 2005)
mabe i will colour it
4 comments – latest 4:
15grifficorntears (Aug 26, 2005)
Noremac (Aug 26, 2005)
thats the one
Namori (Aug 26, 2005)
i envy you...i can never draw animals or dragons.. *sits in a corner and cries*
15grifficorntears (Aug 26, 2005)
drawn in 12 min
doot doot
drawn in 31 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Main Forums/Drawing Discussion 
Your Drawings :)
sephiroth54321 (Aug 18, 2005)
I thought it would be cool to see what people draw like in real life :) Here is a picture I drew of Ed from Full Metal Alchemist....It's not very good but I like it anyways..... :)
Public Boards/Intermediate 
Snoozy27 (May 7, 2005)
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TRIP (May 8, 2005)
this rocks my world 100 times over. Awsome. <3
HunterKiller_ (May 8, 2005)
Ok, i don't know who you are but welcome back anyways ^.^ Teehee
This is one funky picture. It makes me thirsty. *Gets off ass for a drink*
davincipoppalag (May 8, 2005)
He looks like he is having a really hot time! This is great. Very creative and well-done
15grifficorntears (Aug 26, 2005)
my math teacher MR. Lawrence lives on the sun, he is also a robot.
drawn in 44 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Public Boards/Advanced 
Renuar (Aug 11, 2005)
Once again, it drew itself. hmmm
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gloryhog420 (Nov 21, 2005)
Renuar, this is simply superb (I can never spell that, how do you spell it? lol)... and your meaning behind it is even better.... it has great coloring and i love the thickness to the lines.... This is mind/eye candy!
Suntan (Mar 13, 2010)
wonderful art..interesting gallery. :)
dorothyblueeyes (edited Mar 13, 2010)
so,this is a pregnancy?it does not have to be carried to term,ha ha.No,this is a great painting.abstracts are very hard to do;realism is easy,in comparison.maybe I should try that Zen,and let it draw itself,I'm too controlling.
davincipoppalag (Feb 16, 2020)
Needs front page again
drawn in 8 hours 35 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Main Forums/Drawing Discussion 
breac (Aug 10, 2005)
Once again, I have fallen into a creative slump and have No idea as to what I want to draw. SO..... Any requests?
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