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drawn in 18 hours with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Showcase entry!
GoldDragonfly (Jul 10, 2008)
This is the hardest drawing i have made ever >.<
GoldDragonfly (Jul 10, 2008)
drawn in 20 min
GoldDragonfly (Jul 10, 2008)
drawn in 38 min
GoldDragonfly (Jul 10, 2008)
drawn in 9 min
>.< it crashed!...
GoldDragonfly (Jul 10, 2008)
drawn in 23 min
GoldDragonfly (Jul 10, 2008)
drawn in 27 min
GoldDragonfly (Jul 10, 2008)
drawn in 54 min
gosh! so many little details >.< im going crazy already ._.
GoldDragonfly (Jul 11, 2008)
drawn in 35 min
GoldDragonfly (Jul 11, 2008)
drawn in 24 min
GoldDragonfly (Jul 12, 2008)
drawn in 43 min
GoldDragonfly (Jul 12, 2008)
drawn in 21 min
GoldDragonfly (Jul 12, 2008)
drawn in 38 min
GoldDragonfly (Jul 17, 2008)
drawn in 9 min
GoldDragonfly (edited Jul 17, 2008)
drawn in 43 min
im hungry ._.
GoldDragonfly (Jul 18, 2008)
drawn in 23 min
GoldDragonfly (Jul 18, 2008)
drawn in 32 min
GoldDragonfly (Jul 19, 2008)
drawn in 11 min
davincipoppalag (Jul 19, 2008)
Wow..fantastic details in this so far! Very ambitious!
GoldDragonfly (Jul 19, 2008)
drawn in 35 min
Thx David! :)
Catapumblamblam (Jul 20, 2008)
loooool.. what patience work!! :D I hope to see it ended in.. 2 years!! :D hehe
Roxana1890 (Jul 20, 2008)
oh my godness...i love this must had so many patience , i love the oriental style.catapumblamblam is funny xD
Aakyra (Jul 20, 2008)
WOW! Oh Goldie... this is worth every second you have invested in it! I can't wait to see more!
enjoydotcom (Jul 20, 2008)
O dear... this is great. To be honest, I feel you worked quite quick to get in such detail. Looks like a Maroccan scene.
Sweetcell (Jul 20, 2008)
Friggen hell........ you don't stop do you? :)

Look at that iron work.
DorsY69 (Jul 20, 2008)
Woah! no words!
riccir (Jul 21, 2008)
holy cra. ! i have to say the kind of details you can do here .no way you can on the other place...god bless your patiance..oh and thank you for your comments.i'll get the hand of it soon.. ;) i'll fallow the leader..ji ji
GoldDragonfly (Jul 21, 2008)
drawn in 56 min
Thank you so much guys :)
Lostification (Jul 21, 2008)
O_O ommmmmaaaaagawwwwwwwssshhhhhhhhh! *dies yet quickly comes back to life to complete this comment* you are soooo amazinng! i cant wait to see this finished! >.<
QTgillie (Jul 21, 2008)
I find it interesting that you are doing this section by section. I work all over the pic and it all evolves at about the same pace. This seems like it will be an awesome draw.
Aakyra (Jul 21, 2008)
This just keeps getting more and more beautiful!
DorsY69 (Jul 21, 2008)
I love how you did her dress!
gloworm043 (Jul 22, 2008)
This piece is beautiful...the detail is amazing. Can't wait to see the finish....:)
GoldDragonfly (Jul 22, 2008)
drawn in 1 hour 2 min
Kentai12 (Jul 22, 2008)
wow this is stunning i like ur art here better than in RMD you're so good!!
illusionone (Jul 22, 2008)
:O *faints*
klm21 (Jul 22, 2008)
wow that looks amazing goldie,and i see it took you some time,but its worth it cant wait till it finished!!!:)
GoldDragonfly (Jul 23, 2008)
drawn in 47 min
richboi11 (Jul 23, 2008)
WOAH gold dats AWESOME i just know its gonna be amazing when its finished! =D
bette_davis_eyes (Jul 23, 2008)
I wanted to wait till it was finished till I commented on this masterpiece but it's so beautiful I just can't wait any longer to tell you just how awesome you really are goldie :D
GoldDragonfly (Jul 24, 2008)
drawn in 47 min
GoldDragonfly (Jul 24, 2008)
drawn in 18 min
Roxana1890 (edited Jul 25, 2008) will be your best drawing ever...looks breathtaking realistical...i`m so impatient for its finish. i wanna fave it so bad.

Edit : oups..sorry...-_-,because i was too tired, 5 hours of continue work from 6 am ,without standing on a chair has this effect.:(
GoldDragonfly (edited Jul 25, 2008)
drawn in 30 min
np rox
DorsY69 (edited Jul 25, 2008)
Roxana?? lol, this happens :S. Well i am sure this is the second one going into the Showcase! Go Gold!! You are fantastic artist :D I am actually it coming out of your mind??????
Roxana1890 (edited Jul 25, 2008)
i would give anything in this world to have your talent .
GoldDragonfly (Jul 25, 2008)
drawn in 43 min
HaroldXKira (Jul 25, 2008)
Omg Goldie... awelsome drawing! is so :3 cant w8 to see it finished sooo great...
Miss_DJ (Jul 25, 2008)
This is absolutely phenomenal.
GoldDragonfly (Jul 26, 2008)
drawn in 27 min
GoldDragonfly (Jul 26, 2008)
drawn in 21 min
im sleepy -_- zzzZZzzZZ
Sweetcell (Jul 26, 2008)
See people.... note to all the no0bies out there
Now THIS is Advanced.

Hell, it's worthy of the EB board. You do good works sweeting, you do dame good works.
Roytje (Jul 26, 2008)
I didn't want to comment on this drawing till it was finished, but you're totally right Sweetcell. :)
Keep up the good work, GoldDragonfly!
GoldDragonfly (Jul 26, 2008)
thank you so much guys! it means alot to me to get these coments from people that i really admire like you, ayyyy ... i dont know what to say :P
davincipoppalag (Jul 26, 2008)
Best thing I've seen on here in a good long while
GoldDragonfly (Jul 27, 2008)
drawn in 29 min
Roxana1890 (Jul 27, 2008)
ahhh...looks spectacular.i can`t wait to see her face :) . i think this is my favorite drawing from all drawing websites. it is just too perfect.
DorsY69 (Jul 27, 2008)
It is almost finished *waiting impatiently*
GoldDragonfly (Jul 27, 2008)
drawn in 31 min
GoldDragonfly (Jul 27, 2008)
drawn in 34 min
GoldDragonfly (Jul 27, 2008)
drawn in 45 min
GoldDragonfly (Jul 27, 2008)
drawn in 1 hour 3 min
GoldDragonfly (Jul 27, 2008)
drawn in 7 min
Lostification (Jul 27, 2008)
*bites nails in anticipation* ayyyyyyyy! come on sidd! im bursting to seee the facee! x_x this is phenomenal, noone could have done it better then you.
Mudkachu (Jul 27, 2008)
Oh my, when it's finished someone somewhere will pop open a champagne and celebrate.
lori (Jul 27, 2008)
I'm not saying a word 'til this is done. Oops..
Well I may as well say it now..This trips me out. I'm a detail freak, though you wouldn't know it from my art as of late, but this pic makes my eyes soo happy. :) I hope you are using a tablet, or I'm afraid you're going to need carpal tunnel surgery after this one! You're amazing.
byakugan24 (Jul 27, 2008)
:O sis.........omg.........this is so amazing!!! i just wanna print it our on a large peice of paper and hang it on my wall!!!!! the face might not be done yet but it looks perfect to me already!!!! ^^ well done goldie!
GoldDragonfly (Jul 28, 2008)
drawn in 10 min
>.< not yet
GoldDragonfly (Jul 28, 2008)
drawn in 8 min
GoldDragonfly (Jul 28, 2008)
drawn in 7 min
GoldDragonfly (Jul 28, 2008)
drawn in 5 min
GoldDragonfly (edited Jul 28, 2008)
drawn in 3 min
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! im done! >.<
well, yes i used a ref pic for this, and i drew it section by section coz it was very difficult to me and i was going crazy :P
so i drew it step by step, maybe it could be better done, but i just dont know how.... this is my best... and gosh! it was hard! x)
i wanna dedicate it to "lostification"one of my best "drawing friends" ;) , hope you like it lost!
thank you so much for all your comments guys, they really encouraged me to keep drawing on this! thank you!
Roxana1890 (edited Jul 28, 2008) is the moment i have been waiting for these days on 2 see it finished.the only thing that i must say is that i bring u all my respect and admiration for your flawless are such a great inspiration for artists like me . I just dream that one day,i`ll be at least half as better as you are. This deserves to be SHOWCASED. I think i know this picturenow that i see the girl`s face.It seems familiar to me ,i think it`s Aishwarya Rai in a movie , or it could just be a wallpaper with her.anyway...great resemblance ...*can`t stop starring at this drawing...*jaw drops.

edit : you shouldn`t have only the "dabbler title " on are a master, dabbler is an insult for your talent . :/
GoldDragonfly (Jul 28, 2008)
thank you so much for your comment rox, i really apreciate it ^^, but i must say that being a dabbler its not an insult to me, in spain we say "you must keep your feet in the grown" (i dont know if in english they say it too o.O ) but here it means , that even you are good with something there allways will be someone better than you... and i really think that here are people much better than me :P
so the "dabbler" name just put myself in my place
and actually i should practice more with some tools x)
but i really apreciate all your comments rox! you know it ;)
DorsY69 (Jul 28, 2008)
What can i say *can't move the jaw* I respect your patience Gloria! This is trully a master piece! Thank you so much for sharing your magical talent with us, and for pleasing our eyes and souls! Now i wonder what going to come next OoO
Roxana1890 (edited Jul 28, 2008)
yes..Umrao i now it..i remembered the ..again,you are for the "dabbler" title,you are just too modest, and that`s what i love about have such a nice personality. but for me you are not a dabbler,you are one of the bests.
marcello (Jul 28, 2008)
the handrail on the left is pretty good, and I like her hands. the rest is pretty flat and meh.
can you post a link to the original reference?
Axil62 (Jul 28, 2008)
I'm glad someone said something. If i had said it, "Oh that's just asshole axil again."
GoldDragonfly (Jul 28, 2008)
x) thats why i said it
anyways, here is the ref pic, i had it on my pc since long time ago, so i uploaded on my photobucket profile coz i couldnt find it on the web,
btw marcello, i know you control perfectly the tools on here and if you dont mind i would like to make you some questions... well i will send you a memo
Smellymudhut (Jul 28, 2008)
This is sensationally good. All of your pictures are! I am so jealous of your talent. I am sorry marcello & axil, but you are wrong, this is incredible and i don't think you can deny it. It is just all so beautiful, you have just such a fantastic ability to draw photo-realism, it's amazing. xD
byakugan24 (edited Jul 28, 2008)
goldie this is by far the most beautiful, detailed, stunning, amazing, lovely, etc (i can go on forever) that i have ever seen! you are so talented, it is so amazing that i just cant get the words that i want to say about it out of my mouth and onto this comment!!! GAH its just so amazing, you have such an eye for detail.....more like a micoscope for detail! i really love how you drew the fabric of the dress cause its just looks so amazing!!!!!!! there is no word that describes your wonderful talent because it is beyond the beyond! are so kind on dedicating it to lost *jealous* LOL she is really lucky :)!! i hope i didnt write too much, i just want you to know how much i love this drawing of yours!

To lost: YOUR SO LUCKYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!
klm21 (Jul 28, 2008)
omg that is so beutifull woderfull drawing so real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lostification (edited Jul 28, 2008)
:OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...... OMGGGGGG SIDDDD!!!! T__________T this is absolutely brilliant! mind blowing!.... i have never seen someone put so much time and effort and dedication into their drawings like you do to create such perfection! O.O i admire you soooo much!!! (like bya said i could go on forever)....*proud father* :"D... hehehe x) theres not much left for me to say... roxana and bya said it all and i agree with every single word they said... thankyou soooooooooo much for dedicating this drawing to me :} (even if i may not deserve it lol) gosh xD i dont know wat to say!.... i am truely touched sid xP... this means alot to me <3.... lol, im gonna stop now before i get alll cheesy on you guys x)
*walks around with a goofy smile slapped across her stupid facee* :"D
gloworm043 (Jul 28, 2008)
What can I say that hasn't already been said !!! This finish is just beautiful and dead on to the ref you used. WELL DONE....:)
strangeoid (Jul 29, 2008)
This is absolutely astounding. The background and design detail is incredible.
Sweetcell (Jul 29, 2008)
Well done. Well done.
Take a bow girl, you deserve it.
Klm, could you lessen the amount
of exclamation points please,
it's stretching the page.
Aakyra (Jul 29, 2008)
Congratulations Goldie! This is magnificent! Well deserved showcase!
firecracker (Jul 29, 2008)
"Wow"!!! This one just totally "blew me away".....It's the most beautiful piece of artwork that I've seen in "ages"!! I'm "speechless"!!
zlatka (Jul 29, 2008)
Hey Goldie...really good there!...nice job.So many
Cameo (Jul 30, 2008)
I really look forward to seeing your work on here. You are fantastic! ;o)
Deino (Jul 30, 2008)
Amazingly well done.
bette_davis_eyes (Jul 30, 2008)
Congrats on the showcase goldie! I'm still in awe at your talent and patience :)
byakugan24 (Jul 30, 2008)
PolythenePam (Jul 30, 2008)
I can appreciate the time and effort that you put into the details of this piece, but as a work of art overall it does absolutely nothing for me.
Flubbles (edited Aug 1, 2008)
I have to agree theres some good parts to this drawing, but in my opinion as a whole it doesnt warrent being in the showcase.
Xodiak (Aug 1, 2008)
Amazing drawing! And you chose a very hard photograph to paint from.
As in the original photograph, I like how the focus is more on the arabesque designs, all the little details and the patterns rather than depth and dramatic lighting. I think you made a fantastic effort to paint it. And drawing the picture larger than the original is not easy.
Oh and I like the woman and the child in the other photographs.
enjoydotcom (Aug 1, 2008)
Congratulations on the showcase, it is wonderful! Totally agree with Xodiak, I thought too that it must've been hard to draw a bigger picture from a ref that small.
KGH (Aug 2, 2008)
Absolutely amazing art gold. wow.
mvp9202 (Aug 2, 2008)
this is soooo beautiful! oh and i just wantted u to know after today rmd will have more ink...sooo yeh.. XD
Draw4ever (Aug 2, 2008)
How on Earth do you do that?! It's so realistic! I love the walls! Absolutely fabulous! P.S. RMD has added double the amount of ink so PLEASE COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (If you're wondering why I know about RMD It's because I'm also artboy56!)
Celestial_Wolfess (Aug 3, 2008)
wow, that is amazing, especially all that detail!
wibbledile (Aug 3, 2008)
I am absotlutely blown away!!!!! Fantabulistic! Your attention to detail is out of this world! You should put your works up on CG Portfolio!!!
LifeGotColour (Sep 7, 2008)
i can't find my words to describe the way i feel when i'm looking at your drawings...this is an amazing one. you are a great artist...i really admire you....
Debrosi (Oct 15, 2008)
what can i say... AWESOME!!!!
Little (Nov 11, 2008)
Oh wow...amazing!! I don't think i'd ever have the patience to do this kind of detail
Asriel (Nov 30, 2008)
Even though part of it is "flat", you don't really notice. One of the best I've seen on here. Still like the colors and everything.
Fapel (Nov 30, 2008)
Truly, truly amazing. I love the details on the metals and walls. And I love the way you colored the woman's clothes. Truly amazing.
Lostification (Dec 16, 2008)
*______________* omg why did i comment so much the first time ^^ ty again :D
rharha246 (Dec 27, 2008)
y can u draw soooo gooood!!!!!!????? it makes my insides hurt to know that drawings this good exist and i can barley draw a circle!!! T T........
Cameo (Feb 22, 2009)
I had to bring this awesome artwork back again!! Do you ever paint with oils or acrylics? I would love to have this hanging on my wall somewhere in my house. ;o)
two-na (Mar 29, 2009)
without question, this is an outstanding piece on 2draw; thank you for sharing your talent
Aubrey (Nov 2, 2009)
That's such an interesting picture. You're super.
Flubbles (edited Nov 2, 2009)
It's funny how different people are impressed with different thing's...the only thing i really like is the armrest... the rest of it is a bit flat and the perspective is off.
backmagicwoman (Nov 2, 2009)
The veil is nice...
Pantera (Dec 7, 2009)
WOW, wonderful piece, I must have missed it back in 08, so much detail, just beautiful :) wonder where she draws these days.
paintbrush63 (edited Dec 8, 2009)
You're an amazing artist! Beautiful work!
shell (edited Jun 6, 2011)
Billy be nice to my sister.
dorothyblueeyes (Jan 4, 2011)
so,this is from a photo?film?very nice.
werd1234 (Jan 13, 2011)
O-O wow... i thought i saw goldie.... oww....

it's really you...

and still...

montezmaria (Jan 16, 2011)
First time seeing this and all I can say is OMG, the detail in This is really a outstanding, mouth drop'n drawing. Beautiful by the way.
cleverlight (Oct 21, 2014)
dorothyblueeyes (Nov 6, 2014)
Amazing, and great detail. (are your fingers or hands sore at all that's a ton of work!)
davincipoppalag (Dec 23, 2019)
still magnificent
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