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Suring you could be drawing a Thai plant snatching an armed airplane in circles, right now?
Or a sly mexican saying, "eat fish!"?
Or a transvestite saying, "would you like fries with that?", for "Freedom"?
Or a robot jumping under the small pope wielding a hairbrush?
Or the fancy devil rushing an unfortunate jerk?
Or a butterfly saying, "eat fish!", with a knife?
thumbnail *______________* omg why did i comment so much the first time ^^ ty again :D
Dec 16, 2008
thumbnail heyyyy x) you finished it :D looks amazing as usual ^o^ love the flames
Oct 5, 2008
thumbnail <3
Sep 17, 2008
thumbnail trippy thumb :)
Sep 13, 2008
thumbnail T_T amazing
Sep 9, 2008
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