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Date of Birth: September 30th, 1988 (35)
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Suring you could be drawing a studly ninja scratching a modest communist, right now?
Or a black transvestite dreaming?
Or an angelic tree?
Or a terrorist skipping around a terrorist?
Or a thirsty hamster saying, "to be or not to be"?
Or a funky mexican crying?
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thumbnail Pipipipi, pipipipi, piiingu, piiingu. Oh god I miss enjoying TV.
Dec 10, 2008
thumbnail I picture your Hulk-self as being red skinned. Awesome work Kloxman!
Dec 9, 2008
thumbnail I just had some graepfruits some minutes ago. My favourite fruit of all the time, yes.
This is an a...
Dec 9, 2008
thumbnail Awesome work. Ages ago there was a contest here in 2draw about masquerades. I like the work in the ...
Nov 13, 2008
thumbnail Looks like Thom Cruise... "TECH SUPPORT!!!".
great work on the flames Axil, they look so dynamic a...
Nov 13, 2008
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Oct 27, 2007 Help D:
Nov 29, 2006 Problem Saving.